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Looking Forward to my Mid-Life Crisis

My mother-in-law used to have a Honda S2000.  She doesn't have it anymore.

Can we all just take a moment of silence?  Thank you.

Before that I didn't even know what it was.  (And now it's gone! But that's not what this is about.)(Although it will probably come up again.)

This car?  It was the most beautiful car I'd even ridden in.  And you better believe I was kicking my backside HARD for not knowing how to drive a stick.  Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! It felt just amazing to ride with the radio blaring and the top down, hair whipping in the wind.

Until that time I thought "older" people who bought that type of car were having a mid-life crisis.   I mean, why else would they?  (I was young and dumb.) As for me now, I don't think the worst of "those people" anymore.  The ones who drive the cars that I want.  I think jealous thoughts, like, they've finally reached a time in their life where certain stars have aligned and they are living my dr…

The Longest and Most Nonsensical (maybe?) PSA You Have Ever Read

As you can see, I've been hard at work here, adding things like a search box and a way to subscribe.  Important stuff.  Let it be known that I do it for the people, and never for the accoloids.  It's all about public service.

As I was saying, I've added new things.  Among them, a new page to da top.  20 Things.  About ME!

I'll be updating it from time to time (public service) and I'll be sure to let you all know when I do that so that you don't miss out on anything pertinent and critical and such as.  (Again, public service.)

Because Lord knows trivial information cannot afford to be trivialized.

Not in economic times like these.

So this is me, informing the people of their (your) options when they (you) visit here.  Of the people, by the people and for the people.  Amen.

xo, Jodie

Delightfully Tacky, I Do Declare

Fakebook Status Update: (I really miss playing with y'all on FB)
Would you think ill of me if I painted my nails like hers?  
(She's so brave.)
Or would you, instead and in fact, hold me in even higher esteem?
Like / Dislike / Think Ill / Highly Esteem

 (circle all that apply)

over and out, Jodie 

Saving the world from lookin' ugly, one color at a time, God bless 'em.

Have y'all readthis book?
It is really good. I've had clothes hanging in my closet that I've held onto because I liked the style, but ugh! at the colors which were just doing nothing for me.  No amount of makeup could fix the pallor of my skin when I wore them.  The colors would make me look a shade worse than 3 years dead.

Fo' true.
Now I know why but even more importantly, I know exactly which ones to avoid in the future and which to buy... in some cases I wasn't quite sure which worked best before.  No more buyer's remorse for me.  High five!

Basically the book will help you determine if you're "warm" or "cool" and then what "season" you are, by plugging in certain information about yourself.  Basic stuff - hair color, eye color, skin tone (and they really break it down for you).  Then, once you determine that, it tells you all about yourself!  Fun for the whole family right there!

I've had less success with the makeup par…

Hello Beautiful People!

Ya made it!  Welcome and all that!
Come on in! Set down and rest ya face a while. 

Hey, y'all remember when the Summer was new and fresh and we were all Praise your arrival sweet Summer!   Remember that?  I'm ready for school to start up again.  But aren't you?

And that's sayin' something because I homeschool.  It's not like I get wide open spaces at the start of the school year.  What I'm yearning for though is the return of routine.  All this free play time leads to many a brawl and quarrel among the youngsters and it is wearing me OUT!

Plus, the things that I do love about summer will still be available to us even after she's gone.  So come on Fall, you beautiful beast!  Make haste!

Speaking of Fall, guess what I made this week that was so delicious!  Soup! I have had a deep love relationship with potato soup for quite some time and I wasn't sure that it would be worth it's salt without cream and real butter and loads of cheese and bacon bit…