Looking Forward to my Mid-Life Crisis

My mother-in-law used to have a Honda S2000.  She doesn't have it anymore.

Can we all just take a moment of silence?  Thank you.

Before that I didn't even know what it was.  (And now it's gone! But that's not what this is about.)(Although it will probably come up again.)

This car?  It was the most beautiful car I'd even ridden in.  And you better believe I was kicking my backside HARD for not knowing how to drive a stick.  Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! It felt just amazing to ride with the radio blaring and the top down, hair whipping in the wind.

Until that time I thought "older" people who bought that type of car were having a mid-life crisis.   I mean, why else would they?  (I was young and dumb.) As for me now, I don't think the worst of "those people" anymore.  The ones who drive the cars that I want.  I think jealous thoughts, like, they've finally reached a time in their life where certain stars have aligned and they are living my dream.

What I'm saying is this: I now believe it to be less about fighting aging and more about timing.  The reasons that contribute to that fact are many.  Let's examine why they have what we (I) don't:

1 There are no small kids to take everywhere you go, and ruin your upholstery (or leather or what have you) for they have flown the coop.
2 You no longer have a diaper bill/ school bill/ enormous grocery bill, for the kids that stole all your money have flown the coop, and you can afford a little number like that.
3 Now there's less groceries in the house to tempt you (because you are now again, a family of two, for the kids have flown the coop), you are lookin' good!  You've started exercising again and have lost those last 40 pounds (of baby weight no doubt) and you can FIT in a car like that without feeling like you're spilling over the sides of it, like too much pudding in a too small bowl.

I really, really miss that cars on those days when I look wistfully out the front windows of the house, wishing I could just go for a drive.  Alone. 

I'm sure empty-nesting will have it's share of heartache, I'm sure it will, but a little convertible would probably help me to clear my head.  You know, on the sad days.  Top down on the open road, jamming to some Bon Jovi (probably)... feeling a bit sorry for the young kids looking at me with pity, just knowing I'm in the middle of a really sad mid-life crisis. 

I can only hope that one day my life will be that dismal.


  1. Already there. Or should I say one of us is already there. With the convertible I mean.

    The kids ... still here.

  2. well, i am solidly middle age and
    will share a car story. we have a
    suburban in the mountains, which
    i hate to park, so my sweet husband
    offered to get me a 4 wheel drive
    subaru .

    ummm, i'm way to mid-life and cool
    for that. i was thinking a red jeep!

  3. Mama Belle: Y'all are an exception to the rule. The part you're missing though, that I'm holding out for, is the ability to pick up and leave on a whim. Even if leaving only means going drive a bunch of back roads for the day.

    Lea: You ARE way too cool for a Suby. Plus there's no top to put down, so it's just not conducive for making "sexy hair". So I'm with you. I vote red jeep. Does my vote count? :)

  4. This is brilliant commentary. We keep seeing all these great little sporty 'sedans' and weighing that against the thought of another kid....These days it's all about - well...could we FIT three cars seats in that?! That's right. I said it. The decision to possibly consider the possibility of considering a third child comes down to....a car seat.

  5. Bren: Hahaha! Well ain't it the truth. We've had those discussions too - especially when considering downsizing... as in, getting rid of the van, not getting rid of a kid... although..... ;)

    And isn't it just another sign of the times (our age) that we now group together the words "great little sporty sedans"... we're aging Bren. There's just no denying it. :)


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