Saving the world from lookin' ugly, one color at a time, God bless 'em.

  Have y'all read this book?

It is really good.
I've had clothes hanging in my closet that I've held onto because I liked the style, but ugh! at the colors which were just doing nothing for me.  No amount of makeup could fix the pallor of my skin when I wore them.  The colors would make me look a shade worse than 3 years dead.

Fo' true.

Now I know why but even more importantly, I know exactly which ones to avoid in the future and which to buy... in some cases I wasn't quite sure which worked best before.  No more buyer's remorse for me.  High five!

Basically the book will help you determine if you're "warm" or "cool" and then what "season" you are, by plugging in certain information about yourself.  Basic stuff - hair color, eye color, skin tone (and they really break it down for you).  Then, once you determine that, it tells you all about yourself!  Fun for the whole family right there!

I've had less success with the makeup part so far, but only in the lipstick dept., but that's because the swatches in the book are a bit ambiguous and words like 'true red' don't mean much on the lipstick shelf. I have been such a chicken when it comes to lipstick because I have SUCKED at picking the right shades.  I think my Confidence-O-Meter has inched up a little bit though because I have a renewed vigor.  :)

[channeling Mr. Darcy:]
I shall conquer this.
I shall!
If you are in any doubt about what color clothes work best for you, you really don't have to be.
You will love yourself so much more if you wear the right colors.
And all of your wildest dreams will come true.  xo, Jodie


  1. 1. i'm ticked that i'm not the first

    2. love the new name of your blog,
    made me smile out loud.

    3. 20 years ago i went to a 'color
    me beautiful' party with gorgeous
    auburn hair, wearing beige and
    brown, peach lipgloss, etc. i was
    so smug in my knowledge that i
    was a born autumn.

    4. when they did the color tests,
    everyone said that, in fact, i was
    a WINTER!!! i was horrified, and
    thought, "i couldn't be more shocked
    if they had told me my name was

    5. i had to give away every last
    item of clothing i owned.

    6. i don't feel one bit more beautiful,
    though. :) maybe i need to find the
    right shade of red lipstick, too.

  2. Jo, so excited about your new pad. Lookin' forward to your funny stuff, guh. and maybe I want to borry dat book 'a yours.

  3. Lea:
    1. I'm sorry too but I glad to know that you're still my #1 fan! :)

    2. Auburn hair sounds like an autumn to me! Maybe in the updated book you'd be an autumn... but then would you need a new wardrobe again?

    Mama to da Drama: Well thank you, cher, and I got dat book to da liberry.

  4. You know I'll follow you wherever you go.


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