paint, chaos, and Bob Ross

ya'll.  years ago i went through a huge rachel ashwell phase.  HUGE. i mean, i wanted everything in my house to be white.  white walls, white trim, i wanted every piece of furniture to be painted white, white slip-covered duck cloth sofas, white painted floors even, and white candles! lots and lots of white candles!  i was drunk on The White.

and then i became sort of bored with that idea before it ever materialized, so maybe i have to revoke my "HUGE" assessment, seeing as i never actually put it into practice and how can one be a real fanatic but only in her mind?

anyway, i think it was the birthing of a couple kids, what deterred me.  not only that, i never really could sell danny on it, and  it was never in the budget to get rid of EVERYTHING we owned and start over.  which is what i tend to want to do when i get a wild hair.

as it stands, every room in our house is "colored" and i have really enjoyed that, but i'm beginning to feel a bit 'over it'. i'm not kidding when i say it makes my breathing tight and shallow.

we painted the living room when i was last pregnant and it's this bold, yellow color that has been so much fun!
valspar | midnight bonfire
i've been looking at it now though for almost six years and my trigger finger is itchy.  itchy, i say! enough already! all of a sudden it feels too dark. i'm feeling a little bit suffocated by it, and lo! what color would i want but white.  life always circles back on itself, don't it.  

i think the appeal right now is simplicity

white feels...
the opposite of chaotic.  

i need to create an environment in my color scheme that is not chaotic, to combat the internal chaos i'm feeling, of course (and also the impending external chaos that is to come).  (how many times can i say chaos but i think you get the point.)

in my mind i have become a little bit frank costanza:  SERENITY NOW!

so here's what i'm thinking, somewhat...

the bright accent colors make me happy. so do the bright white walls.
another with dark trim + floors, because that's what i'm working with...
this one's a bit more creamy, but still very peaceful.  (SERENITY NOW!)
white feels so open, doesn't it? so spacious, and i am feeling the need for SPACE.  even just the illusion of space is fine by me! add in a little color in other places, i.e.: new curtains, a rug on the floor, new throw pillows for the couch... and i'll breathe easier than julie andrews, twirling in a Bob Ross painting.

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  1. one thing is for sure, when life feels a little overwhelming,
    do what you can to bring peace to all areas of life that you
    can. i hope danny will like 'white' this time around . . .

    1. i agree, and i intend to. i think danny will be just fine... he's gonna give the pregnant lady what she wants and i think the white'll grow on him.

  2. White is wonderfully crisp and new and refreshing! I say bite the perverbial bullet and go for it! You're only pregnant for your fourth child once! Live wild and free my friend, wild and free!! I will miss your mustard walls though (even though I know that's not the official name for it). Even will be missed.

    1. only pregnant for your 4th child once! haha! well that is true. that is very true. like the wild kratts promote, i will live "free and in the wild". :) i've enjoyed this yellow, but i can't say i'll be missing it any time soon.

  3. I'm dreaming of white too...only too lazy and unmotivated to actually do it. Take pics so I can be motivated by yours. Ok.


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