things you should never run into a room and yell + announcements

it's midweek, when it feels like it should at least be thursday.  here is a dose of mercy, in the form of laughter, to get you through the week.

you owe me.

oh no, wait, there's more.

now you owe me even more.

and don't try to pay me in peanut butter.

acceptable forms of payment are as follows:
form an alliance with me

that is all.


  1. I like frappucinos...a lot!
    sometimes when I go running I have diarrhea!!!!!!!! ROTFL!!!
    are they connected?? LOL!!

    not sure why this is so stinkin funny, but I can't stop laughing!
    guess I needed this.

    oh, and the peanut butter....yeah, don't worry, you won't get it from me!
    ~ tj

  2. Oh contrare, is you who owes moi, for introducing you to Tyler and his awesomeness-ness!! He just makes the world a little bit better, don't he?!This was so good!! You made me dry heave laugh!! "Sometimes when I go running I have diarrhea!!" Ha!! Thats pure brilliance right there! "I like frappucinos...a lot!" He should have been my sho!!

  3. Okay, I definitely want to make an alliance with you, but only if you don't make me watch the peanut butter video again. Because that made me gag, a lot.

  4. i had a feeling the peanut butter video might test people's intestinal fortitude. yes, it's gross, to be sure, but not SO gross that's it stops being funny.

    what i find more disgusting is letting a dog lick your face at all. that is a filth i cannot bear. the peanut butter makes a human face irresistible. i can watch a dog like pb off a face. i CANNOT watch a dog lick a clean face. THAT'S too much.

    tammy: well you do make an excellent, and hard to ignore point there. so what do i owe you?

    tj: i don't try to figure out "why" tyler tarver is funny. he just is. it's obviously his spiritual gift.

  5. Bahaha! And on his site, his comment about the second video is awesome, "I will never reproduce this, because after scrubbing everything off, I went running and could literally smell and feel the peanut butter oozing out of my face as I started sweating."

  6. You owe me your youngest child. :) That is all.

    His spiritual gift it is!!

    @stretch...bahaha!! He not only sweats Peanut Butter, but brilliance!!

    Did I mention that I love him? Cuz I do! LOL

  7. um, i don't know how to say this, so i'm
    just gonna' come right out with it, and
    please don't think i'm weird (wierd?).
    it's just that this whole blogging thing
    is getting out of hand, and i feel so
    ganged up on.

    will you please form an alliance with me?


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