C is for [a Crinigerous situation]

crinigerous - hairy

I have my face pressed in close to my magnifying mirror every day.  I keep all my gear lined up on the window sill.  I don't even move it anymore because why bother.  These hairs, they have no respect for my person or my clearly set boundaries.   I am bewildered and confounded at the rate of growth that is going on here.  Every day I'm plucking.  And every day seems to me, much too much!  If I had my druthers, I'd say every (3) days is much more sensible.
(Druthers is my new favorite word.)

How can so much hair grow every single day?  At this rate, how will I keep up with it in ten more years?  Will I be plucking twice a day to keep the tiny apostates at bay?  Thrice even?!  Say it ain't so!  Here I was hoping for life to get easier.

I never knew that my 30s would make me into such a crinigerous thing.  One option I suppose is just to let it alone to grow "organtically" and then I could just sign up for the local circus as Uncle Crazy Brows With The Occasional Neck Hair.

Except we don't have a local circus.

And I'm not an uncle.


  1. I'm with you! This is probably the only part of the 30s I'm not lovin'. Well, that and not being in my 20s anymore.

    But I just don't get how one day - no hair. Next day - 1+ inch long hair. How is that possible? Do they really grow that FAST?

  2. I know! Amazed. Astounded. Shocked. Disgusted. Every time.

  3. I feel your pain...I swear someone is putting tiny drops of sterroids on my brows with a tiny dropper while I am sleeping. I pluck..wake up... and BAMM they're back! Oi Vay!!

  4. sorry about the brows, but at least
    you have some unlike someone
    else i know.

  5. Jodie and Mama to da Drama! You are sooo right. I HATE that same fact.. that you've spent all day pluckin' and then a day goes by you're feeling fine and then pass by a mirror.. take a look-see and BAM! It rears it's ugly head.. or hair... an inch long! Sooo annnoyin'! I've taken to WAXING my mustache with Nad's.. I have to wax that stuff once a WEEK! Insane! If it were my legs I could get by with 2 weeks.. nope not this face of mine. I'm not in my 30's yet,but havin' 3 kids sure did grow some hair on my chest! Ha..Ha. :( LOL!

  6. I do so love the word 'druthers' but I get such strange looks when I use it. That and 'swell'. We're of a different time, Jodie. Or maybe just a more edumacated time. ;)

  7. Charis: Thankfully (and mercifully, I dare say), it hasn't reached my chest! I pray it NEVER does!

    Bren: I say keep using it! Forget the naysayers (or naylookers)! ;)


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