tired + bossy. it's like i'm a teenager all over again.

sweet mother of pearl, i think i had forgotten the suffering of the first trimester. i keep trying to do stuff (bathe, brush my teeth, empty the sink, feed someone) and then ending up back on the couch or sleeping in my bed, lambasted.  i can barely make it to mid-day without sleeping at some point, and THAT after staying in bed 'til 9, so.

d calls throughout the day to check in on us and even the shortest of conversations is exhausting to me. the simple act of vocalizing, insufferable.  i am delightful.

we should've told everyone sooner about the pregnancy, like maybe the day we found out about it. yeah, that's the day we should've gone public because then when i say that i'm happy about it people might actually believe me.

right now i get a quizzical look.  'oh, wow... congratulations.  are y'all excited? i mean, how do y'all feel about it?'  i know their confusion is because of my face.

well, it's not exactly incontrovertible.  my face, that is.

i will say this though (and i hope it lasts): i haven't had any real strong food aversions.  i remember being pregnant with noah and not being able to handle chicken on the bone.  disgust.  i cooked it once and let it stay too long in the crockpot. by dinnertime the crockpot was filled with shredded chicken and bones.  consequently, i couldn't eat chicken til long after he was born.  i could barely say chicken without my stomach rising to greet me.

the food cravings, though, they are pretty bossy.  give me a burger and fries right now. and a coke! move it or lose it, sister!  very bossy. and not very health-conscious, either.

the love will return, i know it will, but if it follows the course it always has, it'll arrive magically at the beginning of the second trimester.  oh dear sweet baby moses, please don't follow that course.  come quickly, magic! show me the meaning of haste!  and bring me a coke!


  1. well, it certainly has not dampened your sense of humor.
    "would that i could bring you a coke, sweet mama." (i
    put that in quotations to sound like shakepeare.)

    this will pass, but remember a watch pot never boils.
    slumber on and dream of that sweet babe who will bring
    you great joy.

    i had to look up 'incontrovertible.'

  2. how clever (and shakespearean) you are. and sweet, too, because i believe you about the coke.

    it will pass. i know it will. i hope it will. as a mother of 5, i cling to your words. i know you know what you're talking about! :)

    (i found it in the thesaurus. it wasn't already living in my brain.)

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