nailed it

a moose noshes much mush.  

y'all know that tongue twister?  i'd never heard it before.  one of the kids came across it in a book and they were all clambering to be the first to get through it without tripping.

never to be outdone, the 4 year old, shortest of the shorties, very self-assuredly says,
and i quote:
"i can shay that.  a noos moshes mush mush.  sho easy."


  1. Is that moose wearing the infamous "pirate shirt"?! Ha!! It's Bullwinkle meets Seinfeld! Love it! Lovin' u bloggin' so often. :) It does my heart good.

  2. Yeah, seriously, where did you find that image? It's awesome.

    Love the kids and the things they say. I think God made them so funny to keep us from completely losing our minds in these early years. :)

  3. This made me smile as I thought about him playing on my phone while he mumbles "sho easy" - LOVE those kids!

  4. I bet you that he was "shirsty" after that and wanted some juice :)

  5. the image is from google. google "moose" and voila! i added the frame in picnik.

    jaclyn: thank you. :)

    stretch: ya boy always shirsty.

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