fall-ing in love. get it? fall. falling? yeah.

 it's almost fall (hooray!), and my dearest wish, fashion-ly speaking, is to live in clothes like these. the long skirt with a long sleeve top just barely tucked in is my new style crush, and i've fallen hard.  like, concussion hard.

i can't wear orange (or any warm, autumnal shades) unless i wish to look dead (i don't), but other than the color choice here, this outfit is perfect.  maybe gray, or even dark green would do nicely.  
and good gravy, is that a pocket her hand is in?  

sweet mother of pearl.  i die.
and this little sugar.  what a darling little getup.  i can't afford jcrew (who can??), but i'm pretty sure i could recreate this look with a few trips to The Goodwill, and maybe The Etsy.
and now for the jewels.  i have been a pinning fool since i've seen these next photos. (you may have noticed, if you follow my pinboards.)

look at all the lucite / bakelite / plastic with and without rhinestones! j'adore ça!
it's like the 60s 70s and 80s at their finest all over again.
 also, on an unrelated note, 
where are this girl's arms?  
i never see anybody 
with an over-sized blazer 
draped over her outfit like a cape. 
it's so unrealistic, jcrew. 
other than that, i cast no stones.
except maybe the puffy vest.
that's not something i can get behind either.
  leave it to jcrew to make a large plastic chain necklace an item you covet.  (i covet.) they have super powers, those jcrew folks.  not strong enough to make me pay their prices but strong enough to send me sniffing out etsy like a hound dog trailin' a coon.
i never thought anything would have the power to sway me back in the direction of plastic bangles.  but here i be, smitten.  smote?  smited?  

i love them ardently.

here are a few items i've found that are super fantastic:
subliminal message:
my birthday is next month
 i'll stop there, lest i post every picture on my pinboard!

so, in closing, these clothes, that jewelry and a couple of caftans and perhaps these shoes...
 ...and i am golden, baby!

is there anything you're crushing on this fall? please to be sharing in the comments.  who knows, there may be other things i'm supposed to fall in love with.  i'd hate to miss out.


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