a typical kerfuffle

tiny (who just turned 4), in an attempt to rat out his brother, says to me, 
"mama, he said a 's' worrrrrd."

"no, i didn't!", retorts the accused.

"yeahhh! him said booty."


  1. it should be noted that in our house, the 's' word is stupid. :)

  2. My kids would always say "He said the 'P' word!" Scared me to death the first time one of them said that. But, yeah, it turns out that ALL bad words are the 'P' word to them... stupid, hate, and even some that I may or may not be too embarrassed to mention. Ooops.

  3. Hahaha! That's kinda like when Mr Just Turned Four grabbed my hand and made me slap his leg repeatedly. He told me, "Stop hitting yourself!" :)

  4. The 's' word is also stupid at our house. The 'd' word is dumb. And when Drummer Boy was 3 or 4, he would tattle, "Ooooh! Ellie said a SQUARE word!!" Good times.

  5. dana: yep, i know that scared to death feeling. the first time they said, he said the 'f' word i was like, ummmm, and what is the 'f' word? he said fat. you said we can't say fat. :) phew!

    kari: a 'square' word! i never heard that one. i love it! kids are so cute!


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