anybody know of a good hair fertilizer?

i cut my hair the other day.  the bottom six inches was like straw.  it was so dry and brittle, but you know what else it was? it was LONG!  like, mid-way down my back long, and it was loved.  i loved that length with all the love my heart can hold for hair. 

which i've learned is alot.

sadly, it was beyond a simple deep conditioning treatment. (at least i think it was?)(i'm thinking now though that i never even gave vo5 hot oil a chance. remember that stuff? is it still even around? i think my grandma used to use it.  i don't even know if it works but next time i may give it a shot because this haircut has made me feel all kinds of pathetic.) at the time, all i could see was that my hair's only hope of salvation was scissors.

and now i hate it. i hate my hair.

i feel like some of my confidence fell to the floor with those dead ends.  the length made me feel better about myself.  i wish i could pull on it, stretching it out, forcing it to grow. 

i want it back.  it took a sweet forever to grow that hair, which is how long i'll have to wait until it returns.
wahh wahh wahh!

do y'all have any good
conditioner recommendations,
so that the next time my hair is long,
(hurry up already, hair!)
it won't meet with the same end?
and if not a conditioner,
how about a fertilizer?


  1. I'm really not sure if it works or not, but, I've heard that Jello will make your nails and hair grow.
    It's worth a try! Just make sure you eat the sugar-free kind or your nails and hair won't be the only things to grow! LOL!

  2. jello, huh? i was hoping more for like some sort of sprinkling powder. :)


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