The night we were larger than life.

Okay, so last night.

I know you're dying to hear about it.

Y'all, it was, in a word,



I said exclamation point!!

Before we get the story underway, my outfit.  I wore my skinnies and red wedges.  But you knew that already right?  I think I mentioned once that I wear my skinnies almost daily, and the red wedges are my favorite shoe buy this season.  The wedges though, in hindsight, were a bad idea.  By night's end my dogs were barkin'. 

Hush dogs!

Okay, now on to the show.

I thought it would be incredibly cheesy, and the opening show really, really was.  We spent a good deal of time clowning them, and that was the most entertaining part of that segment.  The girl sang a song called Whatever... and the lyrics went something like, I used to love you and thought we were forever, but now I'm like whatever.  Very profound. 

It'll probably catch on like wildfire.  I'm sure it will.

But then, the boys came out and I felt like a little girl again.  And then I screamed like a little girl.  We all did.  It was hilarious!

No really, fist pumpin' at a boy band at 31 is hilarious. 

Also, it was very, very clear that the boys really, really loved us.  ALL of us.  No really, Joey Mac sang (and cried) with such sincerity.  I think he really meant it when he pleaded with us all, please don't go girl. 

please don't go girl
you would ruin my whole world
tell me you'll stay
never ever go away
i love you (i love you)
i guess i always will
girl you're my best friend
girl you're my love within
i just want you to know 
that i will always love you
ooh, baby

So candid.  So earnest.

When after 2hrs of fantasticness they asked if we were ready to go home we all screamed Nooooooo and I might have screamed "Bye Bye Bye" a couple times because I really needed to hear it.   I went home with a tiny disappointment in my heart because they didn't sing it, and how do they NOT end the show with Bye Bye Bye!!  I mean really, it's the obvious choice, is it not!


But now, I understand.  (All things come in time.)  I'm smart, very quick on the uptake.

Especially when I google Bye Bye Bye.

They didn't sing Bye Bye Bye because it's not their song.  That one belongs to a different boy band.  Namely, NSYNC.  And I don't recall chanting NKOTBNYSNC, sooooo.

...maybe I am too old for this.

Nahhhhhh!!  Sometimes I say crazy things.

Anyway, to satisfy my own self, I'll close with Bye Bye Bye because I need to hear it.  And it's a great close to this memory, don't ya think? 


  1. I actually laughed out loud...and i was gonna send u a link to "bye bye bye" when i saw that u had taken care of tht, lol...i'm glad u had fun - wish i was there to yell out loud with u, lol....i'm still loling

  2. OK, so I will always be a DE-VO-TED BSB fan (I was so in love with them in high school/college!) but I have to admit, "Bye Bye Bye" is one of THE best boyband songs ever. I still dance to it whenever I hear it; I even try to do their stupid little stomp/punch/turn move they do during the chorus.

    Yep. I'm a loser. :)

  3. Lynette, Oh if I could wish it so, you'd have been there last night!!!

    Tara, You may be a loser, but you're in good company. You're never alone. :) My sister and I were throwin' elbows during Hangin' Tough. The boys didn't do that particular move but they did do that one where they hold their belts and swing their legs side to side! It was all so exciting!!! :)

    And now, I think I'll have to go and buy a few songs on iTunes. :) Takin' it back to the old school really IS so cool. :)

  4. Hey Taunte! You didn't know your amazing niece was following you. (actually, you probably did.)
    But here I is. Would have commented before, but evil Blogger wanted me to create an account first.

    Fist pump for the awesome outfit! I actually just got some skinny jeans... and I'm not sure I will ever go back. We shall see. :)

    luv u!

  5. Bye bye bye...I die. For real. It's 8 in the morning and I just laughed out loud...that's usually impossible, but you my friend can accomplish miracles!

    And the skinnies and red wedges, perfect choice.


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