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...makes me happy enough to cry.

in theatres july 15, 2011 
seeing this feels like...
like the sweetest hug...
around my heart.
...and i can already tell i'm going to need the soundtrack.

The Sunday Six: Edition 30

//1 nice sofas aren't they lovely? yellow, navy and chestnut, oh my!  i'm not in the market.  i just like to look.
//2 this commercial it faithfully makes me laugh, which we all know is my favorite. //3 good ideas good ideas.  ha.  aren't i original.  hey, hey, look at me! i love good ideas!
i'm so different!
here are a few i've seen lately: a.  what to do with prodigal socks. i'm doing this this week.
you may wonder why i'm not doing it today.  i mean, it seems simple enough.  not a whole lot of prep work there.  the reason is also simple enough.
i love to procrastinate.
hey, we're all good at something.
i'm sure you're special, too. b. outdoor chalkboard.  i mean really, who needs the indoor chalk dust?
now i just need a fence to hang it on.  and don't you love that darling little chalk bucket! c. banana split mini bites now that's a good idea.
//4 my water jug or as i sometimes like to call it, my aquarium.   it's 64oz. which in case …

The night we were larger than life.

Okay, so last night.

I know you're dying to hear about it.

Y'all, it was, in a word,



I said exclamation point!!

Before we get the story underway, my outfit.  I wore my skinnies and red wedges.  But you knew that already right?  I think I mentioned once that I wear my skinnies almost daily, and the red wedges are my favorite shoe buy this season.  The wedges though, in hindsight, were a bad idea.  By night's end my dogs were barkin'. 

Hush dogs!

Okay, now on to the show.

I thought it would be incredibly cheesy, and the opening show really, really was.  We spent a good deal of time clowning them, and that was the most entertaining part of that segment.  The girl sang a song called Whatever... and the lyrics went something like, I used to love you and thought we were forever, but now I'm like whatever.  Very profound.

It'll probably catch on like wildfire.  I'm sure it will.

But then, the boys came out and I felt like a little girl again.  And…

(Re)Livin' the Dream

Reco'nize dem boys to da top? 
Mhm.  That's them New Kids.  And just below them is them Backstreet Boys.  
Mama got free tickets.  
Tha's right.
The show's tonight!
Hopefully I pull off a better outfit this time.  Wish me luck.

I'll be loving (this memory) forever.

My sweet friend Lyn wants to know:  What's your favorite memory from your teen years?
Do y'all remember the New Kids?  I mean, surely you must.  Even if you weren't in love with them, you can recall that they were like, a big deal, not thatlong ago. 

No seriously, it wasn't that long ago.

I remember them.  I even remember that move they did on The Right Stuff.  You know, the one where you alternate jamming your elbows left and right at a 90ยบ angle?  I also remember Joe McIntyre being cuter.  You know, less girly-lookin'. 

Here they are (or were), hangin' tough.

Okay, so there I was, back in the early 90s, in love with Joey Mac, much like the young girls of today are in love with Justice Beaver. 

There was so much about me that was wrong.  Joe was only the beginning.  Exhibit A: I was also tragically in love with bad fashion: splatter paint jeans, beaded socks, pleats, bangs.
Is it just me, or do those only belong on six year old …

The Sunday Six: Edition 29

//1 sunglasses
Such as these ones.  
I especially love the hearts. //2 nerdy watches My watch has been running slow lately, which totally irks me because it's barely, like, six months old.
Rude.  When it dies, I think I'd like this one next.
Nerdy and perfect.  Perfectly nerdy.
Bonus: This baby's water resistant. Which I need when I'm sweatin' like a rock star in my morning boot camp classes.
//3 this gown I've been eying this for a long, long time... wanting it, for a long, long time.  One of these days, I'm gonna make it.  
I will. Maybe. I mean, I really want to. //4 this shirt  I was raised on three things, y'all: kool-aid, bologna and Labyrinth.  I need this. //5  In a recent Uno throw down, my eldest went out first, (in our family, we keep playing until we just can't anymore), at which point my sweet lil' baby girl, bless her heart, looks at me and says, "So it is down to you, and it is down to me", and I laughed from my gut.  I don't know …


Holly posed this question to me this week:  Have you ever owned a pet who could speak? Here's my response.   Brace yourself and believe.

sidenote: If you don't read Holly, you really oughta. She'll have you in tears and in stitches.  She's my BFF in real life.  I am the luckiest.
Once upon a time, I had a cat named Percy.  He was black all over with the greenest eyes, and we were in love.   I got him when he was just a kitten and we played and played and laughed and laughed.  
Well, I did all the laughing but I could tell he was really happy, too.
He was just a little ball of furry love, and I loved that cat.
In my dealings with him, I always referred to myself in the third person.  "Oh, you want a lil' snack?  A treat?  Mama will get you one.  Hol' ya lil' horses. Mama's comin'."
One thing he really went bananas over was a can of tuna, but that has nothing to do with the story.
Percy and I lived many moons lik…

The Sunday Six: Edition 28

//1 turn back time tunic navy/white, bennis I look perfectly ghastly in tan.   Also, I'm pretty sure I would feel smashing wearing this with my skinnies, and say, my red wedges.  (I almost called them wedgies, but then thought better of it.... bennis that probably conjures up a less cute image.) //2 bay blossom maxi Maybe it's the Eliza Bennett in me, (yes, probably so) but I do love an empire waist dress.
And Mr. Darcy. //3 well read cardi Okay, I'll admit it, it's the name that won me over with this one.  It's cute too, though, so I'm not completely shallow and can-be-sold-anythingable. //4 scattered stardust ruffle tunic There's just something about this that I find attractive. Probably the fact that it would look good with my skinnies.
I'm beginning to sense a theme. But only because I'm very quick witted.  //5 things that tell me how to do cool stuff Here are a few cool stuffs I'd like to do relatively soon:

//6 friendship I think I could say this one e…