...makes me happy enough to cry.


 in theatres july 15, 2011 

seeing this feels like...

like the sweetest hug...

around my heart.

...and i can already tell i'm going to need the soundtrack.


The Sunday Six: Edition 30

nice sofas
aren't they lovely?
yellow, navy and chestnut, oh my!
atelier chesterfield // anthropologie
milo sofa // anthropologie
patrizia sofa // anthropologie
 i'm not in the market.  i just like to look.

this commercial
it faithfully makes me laugh, which we all know is my favorite.
good ideas
good ideas.  ha.  aren't i original.  hey, hey, look at me! i love good ideas!
i'm so different!

here are a few i've seen lately:
a.  what to do with prodigal socks. i'm doing this this week.
you may wonder why i'm not doing it today.  i mean, it seems simple enough.  not a whole lot of prep work there.  the reason is also simple enough.
i love to procrastinate.
hey, we're all good at something.
i'm sure you're special, too.
b. outdoor chalkboard.  i mean really, who needs the indoor chalk dust?
now i just need a fence to hang it on.  and don't you love that darling little chalk bucket!
c. banana split mini bites
now that's a good idea.
my water jug
or as i sometimes like to call it, my aquarium.  
it's 64oz. which in case you cannot visualize is approximately the size of my head.  
i endure the laughs from my peers because i'm following rule #1: hydrate hydrate hydrate.  
...followed closely by the other (unrelated) #1 rule: no comparing.  
both could save your life.

truly, i think if other people weren't so good with words, i might never quite know what was going on in my own heart and soul.  i'd like to thank all the people who are so good with all the words!
your questions
speaking of which, give me more!  i need more!  
look, if y'all expect me to post more than once a week, i need springboards, people.  :)
i meant that in a really nice way.  must've put on my bossy pants this morning.  

have a motht exthellent day, you guyth!!
love youth!
thee you thoooon!


The night we were larger than life.

Okay, so last night.

I know you're dying to hear about it.

Y'all, it was, in a word,



I said exclamation point!!

Before we get the story underway, my outfit.  I wore my skinnies and red wedges.  But you knew that already right?  I think I mentioned once that I wear my skinnies almost daily, and the red wedges are my favorite shoe buy this season.  The wedges though, in hindsight, were a bad idea.  By night's end my dogs were barkin'. 

Hush dogs!

Okay, now on to the show.

I thought it would be incredibly cheesy, and the opening show really, really was.  We spent a good deal of time clowning them, and that was the most entertaining part of that segment.  The girl sang a song called Whatever... and the lyrics went something like, I used to love you and thought we were forever, but now I'm like whatever.  Very profound. 

It'll probably catch on like wildfire.  I'm sure it will.

But then, the boys came out and I felt like a little girl again.  And then I screamed like a little girl.  We all did.  It was hilarious!

No really, fist pumpin' at a boy band at 31 is hilarious. 

Also, it was very, very clear that the boys really, really loved us.  ALL of us.  No really, Joey Mac sang (and cried) with such sincerity.  I think he really meant it when he pleaded with us all, please don't go girl. 

please don't go girl
you would ruin my whole world
tell me you'll stay
never ever go away
i love you (i love you)
i guess i always will
girl you're my best friend
girl you're my love within
i just want you to know 
that i will always love you
ooh, baby

So candid.  So earnest.

When after 2hrs of fantasticness they asked if we were ready to go home we all screamed Nooooooo and I might have screamed "Bye Bye Bye" a couple times because I really needed to hear it.   I went home with a tiny disappointment in my heart because they didn't sing it, and how do they NOT end the show with Bye Bye Bye!!  I mean really, it's the obvious choice, is it not!


But now, I understand.  (All things come in time.)  I'm smart, very quick on the uptake.

Especially when I google Bye Bye Bye.

They didn't sing Bye Bye Bye because it's not their song.  That one belongs to a different boy band.  Namely, NSYNC.  And I don't recall chanting NKOTBNYSNC, sooooo.

...maybe I am too old for this.

Nahhhhhh!!  Sometimes I say crazy things.

Anyway, to satisfy my own self, I'll close with Bye Bye Bye because I need to hear it.  And it's a great close to this memory, don't ya think? 


(Re)Livin' the Dream


 Reco'nize dem boys to da top? 

Mhm.  That's them New Kids.  And just below them is them Backstreet Boys.  

Mama got free tickets.  

Tha's right.

The show's tonight!

Hopefully I pull off a better outfit this time.  Wish me luck.


I'll be loving (this memory) forever.

My sweet friend Lyn wants to know:  
What's your favorite memory from your teen years?


Do y'all remember the New Kids?  I mean, surely you must.  Even if you weren't in love with them, you can recall that they were like, a big deal, not that long ago. 

No seriously, it wasn't that long ago.

I remember them.  I even remember that move they did on The Right Stuff.  You know, the one where you alternate jamming your elbows left and right at a 90ยบ angle?  I also remember Joe McIntyre being cuter.  You know, less girly-lookin'. 

Here they are (or were), hangin' tough.

Okay, so there I was, back in the early 90s, in love with Joey Mac, much like the young girls of today are in love with Justice Beaver. 

There was so much about me that was wrong.  Joe was only the beginning.  Exhibit A: I was also tragically in love with bad fashion: splatter paint jeans, beaded socks, pleats, bangs.
Is it just me, or do those only belong on six year old girls? I was like, thirteen.  I also had a fuchsia/teal/purple fanny pack.  See? Wrong.  It's a wonder I trust my fashion instincts at all.

A word on bangs: I still love them and think they're wonderful, but here's the thing with me and bangs.  Bangs are bad, m'kay?  I know this because I'm a stubborn mule who has tried and tried only to come to this grim realization:  I am not the Katie Holmes of bangs.  I wish!  I'm closer to this guy.  Equally bad.  I promise.  I would never exaggerate, not in a million trillion years.
How are these connected? (Sometimes I have to ask myself questions to connect my thoughts and pretend they go together.) 

One day, my Daddy came home with tickets to go see NKOTB, live, in the flesh.  Not just on oversized buttons like the ones hanging from my bulletin board, aaannndddd, there would be a limo involved.  Squeals ensued, I am sure.

All I had to do was decide what to wear.  Seem simple enough?  (See Exhibit A.)

I decided that from top to bottom, it should go like this:
bangs in a wave
large, brown tortoise shell glasses and braces (not so much a matter of choice, you see)
sleeveless light purple tank top with white ribbing at the neckline but not the armholes (fancy)
(tucked into) splatter paint jeans
(was there a belt? I'm not sure.)
white, multi-color beaded socks
generic Vans from WalMart (y'all remember them?)(mine were black like these, only cheaper, and with neon pink and lime green smallish polka dots)(and I loved 'em strong)

I was what my Mama liked to call "psychedelic". 

I was what I liked to call "dressed to kill". 

I don't know why the fanny pack wasn't included except that somebody probably talked me out of it.

Probably something about "sometimes less is more".  I may have gotten a lecture on "understated style".  I don't really recall. 

I only wish I had a picture.  I'd love to put that up on my fridge.  I most certainly would.


I don't know why I love that memory so much.  Maybe it was because my Daddy took the time to notice what I loved, that I felt seen by him, and that he wanted to bless me with it.  I don't know if I processed it that way as it was happening, but looking back, I think that's the thing I love most about it, and even if I couldn't see it then, I see it now.

And it still counts.


The Sunday Six: Edition 29


Such as these ones.  
I especially love the hearts.
nerdy watches
My watch has been running slow lately, which totally irks me because it's barely, like, six months old.
Rude.  When it dies, I think I'd like this one next.
Nerdy and perfect.  Perfectly nerdy.
Bonus: This baby's water resistant. Which I need when I'm sweatin' like a rock star in my morning boot camp classes.

this gown
I've been eying this for a long, long time... wanting it, for a long, long time.  One of these days, I'm gonna make it.  

I will.
I mean, I really want to.
for the full how-to
this shirt 
I was raised on three things, y'all: kool-aid, bologna and Labyrinth.  I need this.
 In a recent Uno throw down, my eldest went out first, (in our family, we keep playing until we just can't anymore), at which point my sweet lil' baby girl, bless her heart, looks at me and says,
"So it is down to you, and it is down to me", and I laughed from my gut. 
I don't know that I've ever been more proud of the job I'm doing as a mother.
It just warmed me down in the cockles of my heart.

ruffled streamers
I whipped up a batch of these to strew across the ceiling for our Father's Day Fiesta today.  Ours were red+white+green, to rep'a'sent the Mexican Flag.  We ate tacos and enchiladas, chips + salsa and let the boys beat up a peen-yacht-uh filled with confetti.  We FIESTA'd is what we did!  I wore my hair in a messy side bun with a large red flower alongside the bun.  All day long my hubsdaddy called me his Spanish Fly.
tutorial here
And that is all!
Happy Sunday to ya!  Hope you had a fun day this Sunday! 
...and if you're of the male persuasion, a Happy Father's Day to you!
(...maybe I'm overusing the exclamation points!) 
The End! Regards!!



Holly posed this question to me this week: 
Have you ever owned a pet who could speak?
Here's my response.  
Brace yourself and believe.

If you don't read Holly, you really oughta.
She'll have you in tears and in stitches. 
She's my BFF in real life.  I am the luckiest.


Once upon a time, I had a cat named Percy.  He was black all over with the greenest eyes, and we were in love.  
This ain't him, but it could be.  It's like his secret twin.
I got him when he was just a kitten and we played and played and laughed and laughed.  

Well, I did all the laughing but I could tell he was really happy, too.

He was just a little ball of furry love, and I loved that cat.

In my dealings with him, I always referred to myself in the third person.  "Oh, you want a lil' snack?  A treat?  Mama will get you one.  Hol' ya lil' horses. Mama's comin'."

One thing he really went bananas over was a can of tuna, but that has nothing to do with the story.

Percy and I lived many moons like this, just the two of us lovebirds.  And then, one day, a new love that would change everything moved in.

I got my first computer.

Anybody who knows me knows the weight of that statement.  I can while away hours at the computer, and I don't even have a computer job.  I just like the things too much.  It's unhealthy.  Back in the day I was alot stupider about internet safety and spent time hanging out in chat rooms.  I wish I could go back to that time and just slap myself real good in the back of the head.  I was so dumb.

I was really dumb.

I would sit for long stretches of time, until my rump went numb.  Then I'd grab a pillow to sit on, which gave me a small reprieve, but the numbness would eventually return, and then I'd realize it was 4 in the morning.  Pas bon is what you call that.  No good.

Meanwhile, sweet Percy (Sledge) is being neglected.  Very often, while I would sit and stare at the big square that had replaced him, he'd jump up on the desk and walk across the keyboard (messing up what I was typing) and block my vision in general, meowing like a crazy person.  I'd shove him aside, pushing him to the floor.  

Don't worry, he always landed on his feet.

It's what cats do.

This went on for too long, and Percy had had enough.  (Who could blame him?)

I pushed him off again, scolding him and he made up his mind that that was the last time he was gonna be ignored (and pushed around).  

He sat on the floor, looked up at me, and said, "Mra Mra".  

I think I should stop at this point and make it very clear, I was sober.  I had been sober for almost 2 years so there was no residual anything going on.  I was not having a flashback.  I was straight as an arrow.  And y'all, I heard that cat say "Mama".  

Of course I was alone in the house, aside from Percy (and I don't have him anymore, so he can't corroborate), so there is no one who can either confirm or deny this story, but I stand by it.  Scouts honor.  

I was never a Scout though, so I don't know if you can still trust me.  (You can.)

I'll tell you this though, when your cat talks, you take it as a sign from God that you need to back away from the computer.  

Which I did, and maybe I even gave him some tuna. 


The Sunday Six: Edition 28


turn back time tunic
...in navy/white, bennis I look perfectly ghastly in tan.   Also, I'm pretty sure I would feel smashing wearing this with my skinnies, and say, my red wedges.  (I almost called them wedgies, but then thought better of it.... bennis that probably conjures up a less cute image.)
Down East Basics
bay blossom maxi
Maybe it's the Eliza Bennett in me, (yes, probably so) but I do love an empire waist dress.
And Mr. Darcy.
Down East Basics
well read cardi
Okay, I'll admit it, it's the name that won me over with this one.  It's cute too, though, so I'm not completely shallow and can-be-sold-anythingable.
Down East Basics
scattered stardust ruffle tunic 
There's just something about this that I find attractive.
Probably the fact that it would look good with my skinnies.
I'm beginning to sense a theme. But only because I'm very quick witted. 
things that tell me how to do cool stuff
Here are a few cool stuffs I'd like to do relatively soon:

convert shorts to skirt | the crimson owl
perty wall vases | etsy
make a dress from an old skirt | martha
I think I could say this one every week, and mean it. 
Sometimes I need so much help.
"Sometimes" is code for like, all of the times.

Alright kiddos!  C'est tout for this week.  See you guys next Sunday.  :)
Oh hey! I have an idea... how about y'all ask me some questions or something and I'll post my answers during the week.  Anything you're curious about?  Anything you're just dying to know about me, or something I know everything about?  I'm here to help! 
 // xoxo //