How to Scare Off Your Best Friends Who Are Terrified of Germs

Tell them you only wash your hands when you take a shower.

Which is totally not true.... 

I also wash after I come home from Wal-Mart.



  1. well, you thoroughly terrified my husband...

    I'm definitely a germaphobe, but my husband gives me a run for my money!

  2. I had no idea he was, um, more advanced in his fear of The Germs than you are. :)

    Please reassure him that I was exaggerating. For effect. Surely he knows me well enough to know that. Doesn't he?

  3. well, you were pretty convincing....I wasn't even sure, myself!

    I will try to assuage him.

  4. Yes, please do, lest this whole debacle soil my good reputation!

  5. *like*
    We were discussing a few days ago how life would be different if kids came out of the womb little germaphobes.


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