Don't cry for me, Argentina! (Well, you can cry a little.)

I'm not sure what the next weeks and months hold for us, but I'm pretty sure one of the changes in store is that we will be disconnecting our cable and internet.  Hopefully it'll be very temporary, but like one of the kids might say, "I can't know that". We're gonna be living like savages, y'all.  Savages with electricity.  I'm trying to brace myself for that and all of the separation anxiety I'm expecting to feel, but maybe it's also an answer to the prayers of my heart?  God almost never shows up the way I expect him to. 

While I'm away, I plan to live like Laura Ingalls; read lots of awesome books (to myself and to the children), hone my (puny a55) skills of being present.  I'll pray that this separation is short and thank God that I don't also have to wring the necks of any chickens for dinner.  I will become better acquainted with our libraries and also with my children, and maybe even the vacuum cleaner.  (It's been weeks since we've had a chat.)  Who knows?!  I don't know when it'll happen exactly... but I don't think I have much longer.  In some ways I'd rather be without a car than without the internet, but life does go on.  (Oh blah dee, oh blah dah)

I'll check my email and maybe even be able to do a little facebooking here and there when I can, via my Hubsproviders iPhone or the library computer, but blogging will come to a standstill, with the exception of the outside chance of being able to post on occasion.
I'm saying all this so that if I "disappear", you know where I've gone.  I'm probably in the hill country making daisy chain wreaths to garnish my children's heads, or whipping up a fresh batch of homemade soup and artisan bread.  Well, that, or I'm shaking and crying in the corner, with a foul case of the dt's.  I'll be doing one of those.

Either way, I didn't want to leave you hanging. 

My friend Robyn likes to say, "life gets lifey".  We've entered into one of "those" seasons.  I keep telling my heart, "Thus far, the Lord has helped us", because it's true.  He has, and my heart needs reminding.  I'm trying to trust what I cannot see, and distrust what I do.  And breathe.  I'm trying to just breathe.

The internet, cable... that's just "stuff".  We all KNOW it's just stuff, but this doing without it, this is where the rubber meets the road.  I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make my stomach turn, but if it gives me what I really want, then it's all worth it.  It is well worth it.

...and now I'm off to grow some happiness under my feet.  Wish me luck.


  1. oh, Jodie, ya'll lived for eons without cable. Ain't nothin' but brain rot on there.

    I know the internet will be hard to live without, but just think how much you can get done! haha! you could get those toys sooooo organized. haha just kidding!

    Just think how much richer the time will be when you DO get a chance on to surf the web. You'll really have to cut out all the fluff and just look at the important stuff. (so I will miss you at my blog).

    Send me a message of HOW exactly I can pray. I love you, girl. :)

  2. Wait ... what?

    How will you get me some posts for the women's ministry blog?

    Praying that internet will resume come February 1, Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  3. I must admit...that when I read those words leaving the internet, no blogging, I stopped breathing momentarily!! How will I get my "Jodie stalking fix"? I'm gonna need therapy afterall. Phooie! But...this is not about me this is about you. My prayers will be with you my Little House on the Prairie Gonna Be. God is in the midst my friend...HE is always in the midst. And hey...Noah and his family lived without the internet and cable because I'm sure that with all that water...there service was down. LOL Love ya funny lady!! :)

  4. Huh. We haven't had cable since...well since the both of us lived in our respective homes. It's been 9 years and as much as I'd love to have it, I don't really miss not having it. The internet means anything worthwhile is at our fingertips and not having cable gives me an excuse to abuse it whenever we stay at a hotel. :)

    Blessings on you in your silence. I hope it's not too long.
    (Here's to store-bought chicken!)

  5. oh dear! what am i going to do? who
    will make me laugh? what is the point
    of living? sorry.

    seriously, i will miss you terrible, but
    at least i have your wonderfully funny
    and sweet book to keep me company.

    have fun in the library and with your



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