Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

 We have ourselves (or myself)(whatever) a WINNER!  

(say it like Weener 'cause that's a fun little accent)
(What?  It's a town in Germany.)

Sarah, you lucky, precious, darling girl!  Today is your luckiest of days!

Of course, it should go without saying that in my estimation, you are all winners, (Weeners)(people of Weener?) because you all rock the casbah.  

Hey listen, if you didn't Ween this time, it's okay.  Every time someone follows me, I love them, so see, there is always a prize!

And now I must go and fulfill my obligation to sweet Sarah!

tee tee eff enn!


  1. You're one of my favorites! You're so colorful! :-)

  2. Im so happy for Sarah for winning such a fantabulous prize! :) I too am a Sarah fan. Congrats to you my funny friend!! :)


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