E is for Ewwww!

I've said before that my youngest is like a puppy.

He's loyal and affectionate.

He enjoys digging, chasing cars, making messes and he's been known to dig in the trash. (...and now it sounds like he's a contestant on a dating show.)

While in the throes of house potty training, ('throes' not an over-exaggeration here, since by definition it means: a condition of agonizing struggle or trouble) he relieved himself all throughout the house leaving "surprises" for me.  This, he did several times.  He has also pooped in the grass outside in the back yard.  And in the side yard.  And also in the driveway. 

And today, to complete the circle, he brought me a decayed carcass of an unidentifiable furry thing, and left it at the back steps.  Beaming with pride and smiling all over his face, he says, "Look what I got!"

Some days I wish I had eaten them when they were babies.


  1. Bahahaha!! (That's my belly laugh)

    He'd get along marvelously with my hooligans.

  2. thank the Good Lord I had girls!

    I keep thinking of him the other day yelling "I'm washing my hands!" over and over while he secretly was naked and smearing your makeup all over the bathroom.

    Stuff like that doesn't happen at my house!

  3. HA!! Too funny! I think you and i were separated at birth. Our humor is the same. My favorite saying: "No wonder some animals eat their young" said while describing my life with my children. Great post!! Those dogs are HI-LAR-I-OUS!

  4. Sarah: I wish they could play together, because then we could play together!

    Holly: I had already forgotten about that! Can you imagine? :) It made me laugh OUT LOUD reading it though! Little stinker!

    Tammy: Thank you, cher! I like that picture, me too - I thought it was a PERFECT fit. :)


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