An Announcement, Another Announcement and then a Final Greeting

-1- Only one more follower and my Living Blog will have as many followers as my Dead Blog, which would do good things for my self-esteem, is all.

Just for fun, my next follower WINS!  A PRIZE!

I was thinking I could send some art/love in the mail!  I'd send you one of these lovely prize ribbons, only I don't have any, but maybe I can make you one!  Oooh, now you're enticed, I just know it!  You'll have to give me your address, of course, but it would be worth it because mail art/love is always worth giving away your address to a perfect stranger!

[Just looking at those boxes makes my head spin a little.
I wish it were a Scratch 'n Sniff!  I am a Post Office lover, 
with no hope or plans for recovery.
It's the smell.  It puts me over the moon!] 

-2- In other news, Mama's down 8 pounds.  (Like the movie.)(Or maybe not at all like the movie.  I don't know, I never saw it.)

-3- You are now free to move about the cabin.  Good day, fine folks!  Over and out.  xo


  1. 8 pounds? hallelujah! you must feel
    great . . . now don't get all anorexic
    on me. you must be absolutely
    perfect now!

    i lost 8 . . . teeth. just kidding.

    merry Christmas and good luck on
    that important ONE follower! i will
    make a placard and walk up and
    down the street.

  2. I gasped when I looked at your followers and did not see my face!


    I will follow you...follow you wherever you may go...

  3. 8 POUNDS!!!!!!! wooooohooooo!

    Girl, I think you and Stretch need to go get a [4] pack of Full Throttle and get cray-zee!

  4. Lea: You warm my heart! A placard! Now that is support. Also, Mama is in no danger of becoming anorexic. I'm like a baby seal; I could live on my "extra" for a while, if you know what I'm say'n'. :) (My goal is to lose 50.) :)

    Sarah: YOU'RE THE WINNER! Send my your mailing address and wait with bated breath for a sweet surprise! (Only be patient, because it's not ready yet.) And your loyalty is the wind beneath my wings. :)

    Holly: !!!! Do you know how funny you are?! (Thanks for all the congratulatory 'hoopin' and hollerin'!)


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