If you so desire, 
you may play this ridiculous game along with me by googling
"your name + given phrase" (don't forget them quotes
and then post the nonsensical results. Gauntlet. Thrown.

Jodie looks like.....
Jodie looks like she's about to cry.
Jodie looks like she's having a ball.  Sounds schizophrenic.  Also sounds like you're spying on me in my 5am class. 
Jodie looks like she's thinking, "We know, Latifah. We know."... I prob'ly am.

Jodie likes.....
Jodie likes this song.  It's my new favorite, hands down. You Are More
Jodie likes cotton candy.  It's true.  She loves how it makes her feel like a little girl again. 
Jodie likes me.  Yes I do.  I like you!

Jodie likes to talk. That she do.  Although with new people I am quiet.  It's not because I hate you. It's because I'm not good at small talk with new people.  I'm socially not good.  It's the introvert in me.

Jodie says.....
Jodie says she's sorry.  Yeah, if that whole socially not good thing has ever made you feel bad.  I am, I'm sorry.
Jodie says, "I'd do anything for a bit of glam." I am a fan of the glam and I might do something for a bit of it (like buy some lip gloss and eyeliner) but I wouldn't do anything for it (like sell my soul).
Jodie says hello. I do!! I'm powerful pleased to see you! Come in a while and rest ya face! Put yourself level on a chair and stay some more!
Jodie says "at da start of da song is it a different language?? Its confusing!!" Yes, yes, that is exactly something I might say, except when I say "it's" in that context, I use an apostrophe and I would put a comma after 'song'.

Jodie wants.....
Jodie wants to save the beaches.  Although she's also confused as to why she would want to save the beaches that don't seem to be in any peril.

Jodie wants to play. I do! I do! I do!  I love to play!
Jodie wants to dance! ...all she wants to do is dance! (And she'd like to be good at it too, if it's not too much to ask.... and um, evidently it is. I make Elaine Benes look like a trained professional.)

Jodie does.....
Jodie does have a pet dog.  It's dead to her though, so does that really count?
Jodie does not want you to know anything about her personal life.  Lies and deceit.  Sure, I have a level of privacy, but I actually like sharing, and aren't ya glad?
Jodie does not have Multiple Personality Disorder. No, she does not. I know, because I just asked her.

Jodie hates.....
Jodie hates me now.  No, I don't.  Rest easy, boo.
Jodie hates being mistaken for star.  I don't think this has ever happened, but I don't think I'd hate it.  I might even give out a fake autograph?  What?!  It's not my fault you mistook me for a star.  Just don't try to sell it.  It's a fake.
Jodie hates adorable things, happy couples, children and puppies.  Hahaha!  That makes me laugh.  It's not true of this Jodie, but still, it makes me laugh.

Jodie can.....
Jodie can protect herself. Aw yeah! I told you I'm part Swamp Person. "When I'm hungry I bites the noses off livin' grizzly b'ars!"
Jodie can bicycle 45km.  I just did some fancy conversions on the old intraweb and found out that's 27.9617 miles, I'd have to say I'm really not sure I actually CAN do that.  I don't know though.  I've been doing some things lately that I didn't think I could do, so maybe. 

Jodie goes.....
Jodie goes out clubbing. That, she don't.  Not night clubbing, or golf clubbing, or any other sort of clubbing.
Jodie goes back to the future.  Okay, I'll go, but only if I get to keep the DeLorean.  Final offer.

Jodie is.....
Jodie is Lady Gaga's biggest fan.  Untrue.  I am not gaga for Gaga.
Jodie is a woman of immense integrity and class.  Awww pshaw, thank ya honey chile.  You sho nice!
Jodie is back.  Gettin' there.

Jodie loves.....
Jodie loves coffee.  Fo to the rizzle.
Jodie loves a bargain. So, so much! What a thrill! Just thinking about a bargain gets me all bleary eyed!  (Does that make me more of a Grandma than the blue purse?  Will I be this excited about Bingo in like, two years?) (Aw, I ain't foolin' nobody.  I love Bingo now!)
Jodie loves the outdoor life. Yes she really does, as long as The Outdoor Life doesn't actually get on her

Awww, see how much fun that was?! Now go do yours so I can read that!
And have a happy day, y'all!


  1. I, for one, am sooo glad you share...because you make me laugh every time you do!

  2. Jamie looks like...
    "salad fingers" I'd expound on this if I knew what a salad finger was.
    "a jelly bean" ???
    "Michael" Jackson? ya think?

    Jamie likes..
    "to dance" I do, I really do. Now only if I could...
    "balls" the dancing kind, I believe if I ever attended one, like in Pride & Prejudice, I'd like it very much indeed. The throwing kind... if only I were the athletic type. If only.

    Jamie likes to..
    "use rich simple syrup behind the bar" true story. I like the sweet stuff.
    "hula" again, if i could, i would.

    Jamie says...
    "bye bye to bad bling" not so much. I tend to hold on to all bling, like Huggle in Labyrinth. I like sparklies.
    "the only way is up" or around. or through. or down. or even over. depends on how you look at it.

    Jamie wants...
    "a jelly donut" lemon please.
    "to hold off on kids for a little bit longer" Is it too late for that?
    "big boom" fa ma jam. it's true that i tend to bust my speakers in my car.

    Jamie does...
    "it so very wrong" y'all seen me dancing?

    Jamie hates..
    "me" not true, I love me.
    "liberals" well, I'm not one, but I don't really hate em.
    "guitar" loud stretchy solos, yes. but I love any other kind.
    "driving" i do. if I could do it at my chosen speed, I imagine my opinion would be lifted a notch

    Jamie can...
    "speak on a wide variety of topics" and you know this
    "help make your next event a huge success" call me for all your party needs

    Jamie goes...
    "for it" school, kids, a new house, stray animals, stray people... yes i do.
    "to the dentist" and it's one of my favorite times of the year.
    "to the salon" cause I can't handle hot wax all by myself

    Jamie is...
    "a money magnet" oh that I were. I'm of the breed that has to work.
    "elsewhere" most of the time
    "cute in polka dots" thanks!

    Jamie loves...
    "Teddy" deslatte?
    "you" girl you know it's true

  3. J-Bird: I'm so glad you played along. I had laughed SO much and I had enjoyed that to the maximum level. "Call me for all your party needs" made me buss out laughin'. They're all funny though! Thanks for playing. I had like that lil' game.

  4. is my pathetic attempt at this little game. Just to let you know, I'm not the best at games...i was always in jail, broke or homeless while playing monopoly. But...I'll give it a go!

    Tammy looks like...

    "Colette." Maybe she's a distant cousin i have never met. Oooh...maybe she's rich and will leave me all her money since I am her twin.
    "A cross between a battered Dietrich and Little Lulu." Not sure what either of those are, but I will take it as a compliment indeed! :)

    Tammy likes...

    "getting up on her own before 7:00" Yes I do and it's a curse!
    "raw-vegan spaghetti so much. Excuse me while I go throw up!

    Tammy says...

    "I could eat that little cockapoo!" well...depending on how it's cooked.
    "She's sick and broke!" Are we talking about monopoly again? LOL

    Tammy wants...

    "To be your friend." True. Very true. A little desperate, but true.
    "To share her spiritual wisdom and knowledge with you." Wow..that was actually in there.

    Tammy does...

    "it again" What? What did I do?
    "does an excellent job with my hair." Your welcome! Now if I could only do something with my own. LOL

    Tammy hates...

    "Texas" Well...its just so BIG!
    "the mullet". Yes...but Billy Ray worked it well! :)

    Tammy can...

    "make it on her own" Yes, I can make a grilled cheese on my own.
    "use her gifts to communicate with and heal your animals in a profound way." Now...if I could only use it with my own and get him to stop peeing on the floor! Oh...and sorry I don't work with camels.

    Tammy goes...

    "to Hollywood" I knew it would happen some day.
    "on a sabbatical" from shaving her legs. It's the winter time, I need all the warmth I can get.

    Tammy loves...
    "to spend time with her husband." Awwwe! That's sweet.
    "loves to eat garlic" Not when I am spending time with my husband...only when I am watching the Twilight movies.

    Tammy is...

    "FA-BU-LOUS!" yeh..that wasn't on google... I just put that in there myself. ;)
    "blessed" beyond words I am!!
    "uncommon as a baby girl name, but is most often used as a boy name." Oh really?! Interesting to know...excuse me while I go call my parents!

    Heres one for a bonus cuz it was funny!

    Tammy has...
    "a red spot high up on one side of her face, looks like the lip paint was stamped in." Bahahaha!! Must be the menopause again! LOL

    Thanks...that was fun. Hope I did it right.

  5. Tammy: You rocked it! That was spectacular! And I have to agree, you are indeed FA-BU-LOUS! Laughing out loud over here. Again. :)


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