A is for Absent (and also Amusing) (Ack!)

Absent.  That's me. 

An absentee blogger.

Whatever that means.

It just means I haven't been here.  Which is ironic if you think about it because I've spent a great deal of time here (in this chair) in front of here (this computer), only not here here, writing things to post on Ye Olde.  Mostly because my brain had no offerings.

Brain, You're fired!

Absent is not an obsolete word, it's true, but I needed to start somewhere and just get off of A already.  Already; another A word.  Another; another A word.  Now they're popping up all over the place.  (All! Arrghh!)

So there, post one of the A to Zs down.  I'll probably make up a fancy graphic when I figure out Photoshop again.  Who knows when that'll be.  If starting with A was any indication (Any), well we may be waiting awhile.  (Awhile!)

Now they flow like a river.  Well sure.


Hey though, while we're not on the topic let me tell y'all some of the things my kids have said lately.  They're very amusing, those kids.  (Amusing!) (Ack!)

the little one:  (whose S's always sound like sh)
"Mama, that makes me shuper, shuper, shuper, shuper shad." 

About the dental hygienist who was "hurting" his brother by flossing his teeth: "She is sho mean."

the middle one:
to herself: "I'm feeding the squirrels because God loves them, too, and I love them three."

"Mama, when the bad guy points a gun at you, do you have to raise your hands like that so he can shoot your pits?"

the big one:
drawing pictures to mail to cousins (actually, all of the kids call it drawling) with this inscription on back: "If you like it send monny.  $2 dollors"  Says he's gonna send "like, 20 pictures" so that he can get $30 to buy a Boa Constrictor.  Another starving artist.  (Who is not getting a snake, no matter what.)

conversations amongst all of the ones:
big: "Mama, I need to use the bathroom.... I need to pee and poo."
me: ooooookay.
middle: "Then pee and poo you shall."

big opens door for little to come in from outside: "You sho nice."


That's all for today.  I gotta get busy doing things so I have more to tell y'all about than listing things I love once a week. That or I at least have to get some work done around here so I can sit and watch The Office and Outsourced tonight in peace (without my brain guilting me with what needs to be done around here).

Sayanara, boys and girls!


  1. shoot your pits...omg that is hilarous!

  2. shoot your pits! hahahah she sho funny

  3. hey, funny mommy~

    this was shuper, shuper shweet,
    eshpeciallly about the loving the
    squirrel three!

    and the pits!!!

    we just got back from brazil and
    i have lots to tell but just not yet,
    way too tired.


  4. The pits thing totally broke us too! Never saw that coming. It's so funny to see inside their heads.

    Lea: Can't wait to hear all about it. :)


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