Birds & Breathing

I have been such an ostrich, head buried in a homeschool heap. So much so that I can scarce think of anything else!

 Interesting aside: 
While looking for an image of an ostrich, 
I found a picture of an albino peacock 
(which someone had tagged 'ostrich').  
Some people just do not know their birds.

About that head buried thing though, I'm afraid I've miles to go before I come up for air... and if miles are measured in the same way as weeks comma which in this case comma they are comma well then, I reckon I have 12 miles to cover before I get a break.  Twelve.  Stretch out ya hands and pray fo' me.

That fact gets me more than a little overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, I just keep washing my mind with these words:

Our Father, who is in heaven... heaven being the air all around me... Breathe in the Lord.

Breathe in the Lord, and breathe out anxiety.
Breathe in the Lord, and breathe out fear.
Breathe in the Lord, and breathe out _____....

inhale, exhale, repeat...

In addition to all the helpful breathing, I also console myself with this: I can, any day of the week, look at two birds and not be confused about which is the ostrich and which is the peacock.

Some things come easily to me that way. I guess some girls have all the luck.


  1. well, if you can still discern the difference b/w the ostrich and peacock, you know there are those who are worse off than you.

    if this suddenly becomes a problem for you, please let us know, and we will take the appropriate action.

    praying for you girl! you are super-mama! I really am in awe of what you are doing. really. in awe.

    I hope you are proud of yourself, because I am proud of you.

  2. Oh Holly! You are the best. Plain and simple. Thank you for your prayers - I really do appreciate (and covet) them. Also, if I can, suddenly, no longer tell the difference b/t an ostrich and a peacock, you are free to suspect me of hitting your husband's cold medicine.

  3. you can do it! just take it one
    day at a time and laugh . . .
    a lot.

    somedays, we only accomplished
    a sweet 'read', and yet all my kids
    graduated and went to college . . .
    well except for the last one who
    is a missionary in brazil, studying
    albino peacocks.

    i love the bird mix up.


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