Ya feel me?

Boy, one of the most easily misconstrued things in writing is tone, huh?  I mean, who's with me?!
Just think of how quickly things can get out of hand on email or heavenhelpus, texting.

So today, I want to talk about tone.
(It always makes me feel like a teacher when I say that... Today, class... 
now all I need is a broken off jambox antenna so I can point to stuff on the "board".)


I just read this article on how to build your blog's voice, and it asks a question that I can't quite figure so I'm polling my people, and my people is you.  The one reading right now.

Yeah das right.  You.

What would you say the tone is here?
What does this page feel like, and sound like?

My aim is at interesting and friendly; a smattering of light and sassy here,
a dose of pensive and reflective there. 

Earnest. Whimsical. 

Not bossy, conceited, stabby or critical.

So when you read, what is that you hear?
Help a sista out, please and thank you.


  1. I already said my peace ... warm and fuzzy. Takes me to my happy place. Relaxing and non-threatening.

    Not sure it that's 'cause I know you and I can actually hear your "tone" of voice in everything you say. I like that.

  2. ok, miss "i'm as old as your marriage!" :)

    the element that first drew me to your
    blog was your vulnerable yet sassy tone.
    i love how you throw all that louisiana
    vernacular at us one minute and then
    endear us with the sweetest sentiment
    then next.

    honey, you got voice!!!!

  3. I found it to be simultaneously friendly and sassy, my favorite combination.


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