She's Still Gettin' Schooled in Slang

Coins slip through holes in the bottom of his wallet and clank clank on the floor.

"This wallet stinks.  I need another one."

As he says it, she walks in from another room, up to where he's standing.  "It does?"

Disgruntled... "Yes."

"Let me smell it."


  1. ha ha! oh, hee hee! i LOVE that!!!

    i was visiting two of my angel girls
    (24 and 18) who spend a lot of time
    with a young family of six. the four
    year old daughter was twisting and
    twisting my youngest one's long hair,
    until she just couldn't stand it any
    longer . . . and crammed it into
    her mouth!

  2. Oh my gosh Lea! That's hysterical and PRECIOUS!


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