I Just Had To Tell You!

You might be asking, 'Does this post really need two pictures?'  And I might be replying (in my best Minnesotan accent), 'Oh you betcha!  Youuuuu betcha.' 

(and shaking my head in the affirmative

Listen. I was introduced to something today by my precious friend Angela who is most definitely my bosom buddy because what else do you call someone who shares this sort of magical secrecy with you!?  What I have learned is nothing short of revolutionary.  Revolutionary!  I do not overstate.

What is a Tim Tam?, is the first part of the lesson (if you don't already know).  A Tim Tam is a morsel (created by Australian geniuses), so saporous, so divine, I am astonished it is even to be found this side of heaven.  It is layer upon layer of motherofpearlthatisdelicious! is what.  What you do with it is even mo' betta!  

If you wanna do it right, get you a cup o' coffee...  

Let me digress here and say this:
I don't typically like sweet stuff with my coffee.  
I find it sort of ruins it for me. 
I prefer coffee alone, 
and just plain ole' milk with my sweets,
thank you. 
That being said...

Get your coffee.  Now take a cookie and bite off one small corner.  Turn it around and bite off the opposite corner on the other end.  You're bitin' off "catty corners" is what it is.  What you have just made is a diagonal straw.  Oh yeah.  You heard me.

S. T. R. A. Dubya.

Now. Dip one bitten corner into your coffee and DRINK through the other bitten end.  You will die. Yes you will.  And then, then (as was instructed to me) you must immediately cram that cookie into your gob hole. 

Will you feel like a 7 year old girl? Yes you will. 

Will you love it?  Does Jesus love the little children?

You have no idea the marvelous surprises that await you! 
(I bet Mr. Arnott would agree with Mr. Wonka on this one.)


  1. I've been wanting to try those. Thanks for the heads-up. Instead, I ate half a package of Sour Parch Kids for the 3rd night in a row. And, not the small packages, the ones that feed 6. Boo.

  2. Oh Mama, I'm a fan of those too. If I'd have been with you, I'd have eaten the other half... 3 nights in a row. You know, for the sake of friendship and stuff.

  3. Does Jesus love the little children?

    You. kill. me.

    I love it so much. Your post, and probably the chocolate, if indeed I can find it in Iowa.

  4. You are a bad, BAD influence!

    Now I'm off to try to find this confection!

  5. Word around the campfire is that you can find them at World Market. And in my searching I found that there are many flavors. I tried the Original though, and clearly, it did not disappoint.

    Probably because Chocolate Mousse is my achilles heel.

  6. I saw those pictures and my exact words were: "Be still, my heart!"...
    ...followed by regret that we are off sugary treats during the week for the month of September, but then the blissful reminder that there is, in actual fact, a SINGLE Tim Tam left in the cupboard AS I TYPE.
    We've known of that treat combo for several years already and it's one of our winter favourites. There's one thing amiss with your equation though: You must try it with hot chocolate, not coffee.

  7. Bren:
    Years? Several years? You've known for this long and you didn't even tell me?! It's like you don't even care about me.
    After I recover from this heavy blow you've dealt me, I'll try it with hot chocolate. :) And I'm fairly certain that I can say most definitely that I will absolutely love it.


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