Fakebook Status Update


You know the hardest thing about being vegan?
It's not eating all of the vegetables, as you might imagine. 

It's the part about not getting to eat meat.  And cheese. 

Oh, and meat and cheese together.  

In the shape of cheeseburgers and such (as).

That's why I'm only part-vegan.  

I cheat every weekend (with all things carnivorous).  

And also every morning (half 'n half in the coffee).

I blame my blood type.

I hear the first Type Os were hunters.

Can't fight City Hall.


  1. i may have mentioned that one of my
    daughters is a vegetarian who will
    only eat fish.

    this is healthy and admirable but
    entails a tremendous amount of
    chopping! from now on, i'm just
    going to think of city hall, while i

  2. Lea: You ain't neva lie! I feel like Dana Carvey - choppin' broccoli. She chop! She chop! She chop!

    MB: Well thank ya! :) I like to think of myself as a low maintenance vegan. I like being invited over for dinner, and you get less invites when you're difficult. :)

  3. I had no idea you were vegan! Or partial vegan? I could never do that, especially now that these lovely blood clots have wrecked everything I can eat!

  4. You're not kidding about getting fewer invitations to dinner. I have no idea what to cook for vegans....it's ridiculous. That said, I'm far less concerned for your sanity with the reassurance that you're only part-vegan. :)

  5. jodie,

    i must confess that i hastened the
    egg experiment by covering the
    pan with a glass lid. otherwise it
    would have taken hours.

    i was worried you might try this
    and get very frustrated!!!!



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