An Effective Title Would Fit Nicely Right Here

My brain is swamped.

A tract of wet, spongy land.

And for good reason, as you'll soon see.

Last year, we home schooled for the first time.  God let us in on that little nugget in late July.  LATE JULY.  As in, pert near August.  You know, the month when school starts.  AARRGGGH! For days, all I day dreamed (and night dreamed) about was curriculum.  My head was wrecked.  But you know God, he's a fan of the 11th hour. 

This year, he did it again.  (See?  Big fan.)  We're still home schooling, like I knew we would.  (It was made real clear to me when I said yes that I was saying yes to two years.)  (Now that we're doing what we're doing this year, I'm pretty sure it'll be more than two, but I believe He knew that was all his tender little girl could shake on at the time.)

Late in July, I sent out an SOS in the form of an email to my sister-in-law because I was in need of some HELP ME! in the home school department.  She was all excited because she was doing something different this year and she "just knew" it was "up my alley".  Why?  Because it focuses heavily on Grammar, and writing.  So I was all, "Woo to the Hoo"! 

It's called Classical Conversations.  For detailed information, you can follow the link, but let me just tell you the part that snagged me.  By the end of the year, my kids are gonna be really smart (thereby validating that I'm doing something right).

And also, by the end of the year, I am going to have a really solid Elementary Education.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Don't quiz me now, but in May, I'm pretty sure I'll even be able to find things on a map and such as.  And name all the POTUS's.

I might even qualify as a contestant on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Yeah.  I'm 'onna go 'head and lock that in.


  1. sounds like an excellent curriculum.
    don't get all smarty pants on us,
    just because you will know more
    than we do now.

    you are raising the future leaders
    of this flailing nation. way to go!

  2. Ohhhhh but if I've NEVER gotten to be that smart before. :) How about I get to be a smarty pants as long as I'm not ugly about it? I promise to not be snotty! :)


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