{april} 10x10

...and i quote: "This is what 10 on 10 is about: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. Then share your beauty with us! "

consecutive.  psh.

before i even set out,  let's let the cat out the bag, shall we?  i did not take photos every hour.  i started at almost 2 in the afternoon so i had to cram.

typically, you're supposed to do this every month.  oh look, do i see another cat wiggling its way out?  i probably won't do this every month.  right now it seems like a good idea and i (sorta) have the time for it.  next month may be another story entire.  (meaning, i will forget about this and therefore be as inconsistent as ever.)

these are snapshots of my day (and night)....  i did not follow the rules (as i am wont to do) so while it is not exhaustive, it is accurate.
 01. banana bread 
...for dessert after bible study for stretch.
it is delicious.
 02. computer time 
...more than is wise because he is ill and i is tired. 
 03. the wild kratt's missing brother
... this boy loves The Nature.  
that is a fake frog in his hand.  he is not drowning The Nature.
 04. i left for the store and forgot my list at home 
instead of turning around, i called home and had stretch dictate it to me.
and then i left that list in the car, but thankfully i'd had the foresight to snap this picture for this post and when i got into the store without the list (how many times can one list be forgotten?), i was all eureka! the picture!  
i are genius.
05. my very own 'deb'

 (napoleon dynamite reference).  she has, much to my liking, learnt herself how to make her own side ponytail.  observe:
06. supper 
because whatwith all the picture taking for this post, i had not the foresight to feed my children before we cleared out for the men's bible study, canes.
(i'm not even sure if that is correct sentax but i like the way it feels so, i approve.)

 07. library fail 
i (finally) returned a handful of things to the library.  this is the back of one of the books... put me in mind of my whole library experience.  maybe i should flush my card (and the kids' cards too, while i'm at it).  #latefees #slackattack #procrastination #williteverend?

 08. meet sammy
he gets us through many a bout of wheezing and many a sleepless night.
isn't he cute?  he is a traveling seal; he goes from one end of the house to the other, following the sick child and offering his services.  we would be lost without him.
whenever the little guy is ill, he'll cry between coughs, "i need sammy". 
a friend in need is a friend indeed.  
sammy is that friend.
 09.  see this bed?
it's mine.  mine. (well, and stretch's)
my littlest man-cub doesn't know what to call this bed.  whenever he references it, he calls it "our" bed.  see that blanket?  that's "lightning mcqueen".  it's not mine, nor is it stretches, yet it spends most nights in my bed, so i understand the boy's delusions.

let me ask you another question.
does that bed look "well rested", blankets tossed all hither and yon?
it is NOT well rested.  that bed is tired.
 10. wild thing, i think i love you
 does this picture make you think "max! (where the wild things are)?
because that's exactly what it makes me think.
...and even though he makes me and my bed so tired, i love him so much, i might eat him all up.

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  1. Great post! Yes #1 Delicious, thanks :) #3 Haha, indeed. #4 Mais la, clever though! #8 a very good friend #9 I'm tired just looking at it. #10 and yes he is awesome... why is growing up so fast?!

  2. Yes. She did it. :) And - as usual, she make me laugh. The best part? The fact that you did this helped your grocery trip be quite a bit more successful. Good times.

  3. oh, Jo, I love all of these.
    as for the list...well, I wish my phone took pics, that would help me out a lot!
    sammy makes me sad...though I know he makes him happy.
    library elf...have ya heard of it? if not, he needs to be your friend, too...he'll remind you via email that your books are due. see if your library has an email elf.
    ~ tj

  4. Love this idea! I just set a reminder in my phone so I can try and don't next month!!!!

  5. so entertaining! i especially loved the tired bed.
    i'm putting that in my novel. "my bed is tired."

  6. wendi: ...OR one could argue that i was so forgetful because my mind was focused on "lesser" priorities. :) i did welcome the distraction, and now that it's done, i'm glad i did it. it did help me to be more on purpose about "seeing" my day. :)

    tonja: thanks. :) sammy kinda makes me sad, too. i wish he weren't necessary.
    i will have to look into this elf.. i'm sure we have it. i'll check it out, as i need all the help i can get... does the elf make house calls? i'd like someone to come and get my things when my time is up. that would eliminate alot of the trouble for me.

    tirzah: do it! i wanna see. :)


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