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Sharing is Caring

Heyyyyy!  Y'all been missin' me?  Don't lie.  You have.  I know you have. I have a strong sense about these things.

And don't go to gettin' all aflustered.  Your missin' has not gone unrequited.  I'm lonesome, me too.

Meanwhile, whilst I've been on holiday, I've done some stuff.  I thought you might wanna know, because some of it was worth doing, and you might want to do it, too.

Firstly, I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  Oh and it was so worth it!  I only wish I could've drawn it out longer than two days, but I am so impatient with a good book that I can't slow myself down once I've begun it.  It is futile effort.  A few tile effuht.  (...and sometimes I pretend to be more Southuhn than I am.)  Anyway, read that book.  You won't regret it, I'm sure.  Also, it has made me want to write letters.  Anyone wanna be my pen pal? 

Second off, I checked out a book on baking artisan breads, but then I returned it…

Don't cry for me, Argentina! (Well, you can cry a little.)

I'm not sure what the next weeks and months hold for us, but I'm pretty sure one of the changes in store is that we will be disconnecting our cable and internet.  Hopefully it'll be very temporary, but like one of the kids might say, "I can't know that". We're gonna be living like savages, y'all.  Savages with electricity.  I'm trying to brace myself for that and all of the separation anxiety I'm expecting to feel, but maybe it's also an answer to the prayers of my heart?  God almost never shows up the way I expect him to. 

While I'm away, I plan to live like Laura Ingalls; read lots of awesome books (to myself and to the children), hone my (puny a55) skills of being present.  I'll pray that this separation is short and thank God that I don't also have to wring the necks of any chickens for dinner.  I will become better acquainted with our libraries and also with my children, and maybe even the vacuum cleaner.  (It's been …