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Heyyyyy!  Y'all been missin' me?  Don't lie.  You have.  I know you have. I have a strong sense about these things.

And don't go to gettin' all aflustered.  Your missin' has not gone unrequited.  I'm lonesome, me too.

Meanwhile, whilst I've been on holiday, I've done some stuff.  I thought you might wanna know, because some of it was worth doing, and you might want to do it, too.

Firstly, I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  Oh and it was so worth it!  I only wish I could've drawn it out longer than two days, but I am so impatient with a good book that I can't slow myself down once I've begun it.  It is futile effort.  A few tile effuht.  (...and sometimes I pretend to be more Southuhn than I am.)  Anyway, read that book.  You won't regret it, I'm sure.  Also, it has made me want to write letters.  Anyone wanna be my pen pal? 

Second off, I checked out a book on baking artisan breads, but then I returned it before my first attempt.  I needed too much new equipment, so back the shelving unit she went.  Too bad though, because the pictures looked delicious.

Thirdly, I made some new signs for my house.  [I'm slightly addicted to signs.]  One is a reminder to 'be here', and the other is a reminder of God's 'never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love'. I love them both. 

Fourthly, etc., I've read my Bible more.  I really enjoy it, too.  I got the Conversations bible - it's the Message + some added stuff from Eugene Peterson, and it is just delightful.

Also in that same vein, I rearranged my closet into a more suitable prayer closet.  Don't worry, my closet is large enough to accomodate me and my clothes, and also a few books, a lamp, and a small, red chair.  It's lovely in there, really it is.  I'm currently reading Celebration of Discipline and will soon be sitting in my little red chair more often practicing those Disciplines.  I am expectant. 

I've frequented the library much more, for the books therein and also for the use of their intranet access.  I can only do so much on my Hubssharer's iPhone, so to the library I carry myself, and I like it.   It's quiet.  I like quiet.

I got two new followers!  Bonjour!  Thank you for coming.  You are most welcome! (as are the rest of you.  I don't play favorites.  Except when I do.)

Moving along, I've also fallen ill with the Attack of the Killer Mucous.  The snorting and coughing... quelle horreur!  I cannot recommend it.  Try to avoid it, if in fact, you can.  Bonne chance with that! 

And that is all the time we have for today!  See you soon, lovelies!! ...and in the meantime, if you do anything worth doing, do share!  You're all such interesting (enter esting) people, I know you do fun stuff and read good things and listen to good music and such as, I know it.  I don't want to miss any good ideas, so share.  Email me.  Comment.  Sharing is caring, remember?  It's what friends do. 

Later, gators.


  1. had you already written this when i collided
    into your facebook world? you see, i have to
    have some 'jodie' in my boring life.

    that wonderful book with the worst title ever
    has not been able to entice me to read it, but
    you did. are there any pictures? :)

    i am reading a horrible fantasy saga about
    warring kings, knights, maidens, and wolves
    that i can't seem to put down. can't tell you
    the title, because it is very pg-13, and you are
    not old enough.

    i love your prayer closet space and remember
    well needing a quiet place to pray and listen.
    now i have my entire house, but i miss the closet.

  2. Loved Guernsey. I read it in less than 24 hours.

    I need to see this signage, especially the Storybook Bible signage. You might have a copycat on your hands! :)

  3. OH how I have missed your words of wisdom my friend. Glad to hear your world continues to spiral around as usual. Im reading Breaking Free by Beth Moore...on my kindle, I might add, yeh I think I like the feel of the "turning of the page" much better. I feel more accomplished when I turn a page instead of hit an arrow button. Go figure. I too have been hit with a sudden illness. After the "Stomach flu of 2010/2011"...I got collitis.A nice little infection of the colon! Yeh...eewww is right! (sounds like an old people thing) Good news...I've lost ten pounds from it. It's definitley the quickest diet evah'!! But... I wouldn't recommend it! LOL I now know how many tiles are on the wall of each heart! Dont be jealous of my know you are. Oh, and I have decided to get a voice transplant...I want to sound like Mr. Gru on Dispicable Me! when we meet I will sound much different than the voice that you don't know already. :) I'm just full of surprises. And my prayer a lovely office my little family created for me. Except for the fact that the cats also poop in there. Makes me have to pray breathe! Great to have you back on zee web my little pal!! Hope to meet/see you soon!

  4. Today I want to make signs. I am in love with signs too.

    Absolutely you were missed!! :)

  5. ok, I gotta come see the closet, and I am jealous of same closet.

    and I would love to have more time to read a novel. that will be my new goal.

  6. This makes me feel a little like I better accomplish something substantial before you write a post I need to comment on again. :)
    That said, we did have two excessively productive days this past week. The toy corner is now the most organized spot in the house (how sadly ironic) and the china cabinet is now the happy home of my mother's china and more other bits I probably should've put somewhere else.

  7. You are a busy bee sistah! I'm still reading The life of Pi, and still loving it, although its been quite some time since I could devour a book in a couple of days. And I'm with Mama to do Drama, "gotta see the closet and jealous of said closet" love ya :)

  8. Lea: Ha! Sorry, no pictures in Guernsey... but you'll be able to picture it in your mind!

    Your statement about missing your closet, it makes me want to cry a little. Those days seems so far off right now, but I know (I think I know) that they'll be here faster than I want.

    Tara: You are a beast. :) I can see why you couldn't put it down though. I loved it strong, too. :)

    Bren: No worries. One full week of busyness is usually followed by 3 full weeks of languishing away.

    Ang: Life of Pi will forever be a favorite. No question.


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