My resumé for when I get my dream job

Now all I have to do is become a unicorn.
I'm assuming here, that in that moment, everything on this list would be magically infused and become me. Otherwise, sadly, I may not make a very good unicorn.


  1. how could something as beautiful as a
    unicorn not be conceited?

    good luck.

  2. I'm pretty sure that even if I was a unicorn, I'd find a way to be late....toddlers....harumph!

  3. girl, you are so funny....

    you are the only one of my friends that has not outgrown liking unicorns.

    or maybe there are others, and they're to afraid to admit it.

    either way, good for you for being true to yo'self!

  4. lea: I know, right? But I guess it's because they're made of rainbows and magic and humility.

    bren: That one hangs me up as a human. Maybe though, just maybe, if I could become a unicorn, that would correctify itself. :)

    M to da D: I don't believe anyone outgrows it. I think they just stuff it 'cause they're sore afraid to admit it, though I cannot see why. :)

  5. i'm listening to the most amazing song on
    itunes, called "sometimes the light
    surprises." see if you can find it. it's not
    the old one but the kind of lyrical one
    and SOOOOO uplifting.


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