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for less

i've recently introduced my children to the glories and wonders of The Discount Store (not to be confused with The Dollar Store... they've known that place for ages).  they're always on the hunt for some way to spend their money and for a while, the big chain stores had their hearts.

i was failing them as a mother.

if i'm being honest, the reason i went in the first place to The Discount Store was so that i would have fun things to peruse while they took a painfully long time deciding on what they wanted... choosing this store made is less painful for me.

one day though, as luck would have it, after walking out with a Legos Hero Factory Dude Thing (yes, that's what they're called)(no, not really) for half off the retail price, my eldest man cub realized he could get what he wants without blowing the whole wallet.  the same toy, still just as cool, for half the price!

i heard a bell ring from his belfry.

'mama', he says, 'i don't understand... …