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the sunday six: edition: simple pleasures

-1- drinking from mason jars mmmmm, so delicious. they just make everything taste better.

moccasins in the winter for years i anticipated winter with horror, and not only for the temperature (because i hate being cold) but the other reason (which, come to think of it, is still about the temperature) was that my feet were always impractically shod.  i do love boots, i do, but they're not for every day, and flip flops or thin flats don't cut it in january. not even in south louisiana.  but this year, (this year has been good to me) the stars aligned in my favor and SHAZAM! from heaven! (in the form of The Goodwill) fell a pair of perfectly perfect, never worn moccasins!  warm and cheap.  my toes are so grateful.  so is my purse.
you may now congratulate me for killing two birds with one stone. i am the Goodwill Hunter.

-3- help friends who come alongside and say to me, either in word or deed:

"i will race with you. ...and we will reach the finish line together." -4- sti…

from ours to yours


winning gift guide 2011

for all you last minute shoppers, like myself, here are a few ideas for the hard-to-buy-for people on your list.  don't despair, help is here!
before we begin, let me just go ahead and offer up my preemptive "you're welcome" to save myself the time later.  because later, i ought to be shopping.
should be. ought to be. we'll see if that actually happens.
now that i have this list compiled though, it should make that easier. 
-1- crochet shorts, winning at losing there just aren't enough of these in rotation, you know?   when was the last time you saw a pair?  even the caption says "poorlydressed dot com".  see?  and this is what i'm saying to you.  the state of this world concerns me, whatwith its blatant and absolute disregard for this issue.  yes, yes, the world needs love and let's spread the love but can we also (i beg you) spread the crochet shorts, too? help your loved one WIN at LOSING.  help them to be the best loser!
-2- the candwich, w…

it's time to make a move

one sunday night, at a church in town that is not our regular church, hearing a speaker* that is not the regular speaker:
he's belting loudly,
"that thing that stands between you and God,
what are you gonna do about it?" he's running back and forth across the front of the church, his body so full of passion and drive that he can't even walk anymore. he runs.

if you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted would you capture it? or just let it slip? only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.
eminem "this is your moment, on the count of three, i want you to shout it out!"

feet fail me not,  this may be the only opportunity i got
eminem holy crap! i'm in church, other people are gonna hear me. am i really about to do this?!
"what are you gonna do about it?! come on! it's clogging your pipe! what are you gonna do about it? go hard!
go strong.
go for it. here we go, ya ready? …