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the sunday six: edition: for the love of christmas crafts

can you believe it is almost christmas?
how did it get here so fast?

well ready or not, it is upon us and i am determined to make christmas stuff this year.  i've pinned (and continue to pin) many ideas that i adore.  christmas is the one holiday i decorate for and if i keep collectingslashmaking decor, i'm gonna need a bigger barn.
(i don't actually have a barn because, well, sometimes life is cruel.)
i do have a habitat for humanity restore in town though, so with that one move life has redeemed itself from the blow about the barn.  why am i talking about the restore?  because that's where i go to find delicious scraps to make items like numero uno on our list today.
which reminds me: remember when i used to number this list in foreign languages, in order to gain more linguistic eloquence? i keep forgetting to do that.  i'll rectify that just asair.  (which means, just 'as soon as i remember'.)
//1 wood scrap tree this little tree has bewitched me body and…

my unbucket list

i totally ganked this idea from rob shep.  (not sure if i should offer thanks for the great idea, or my apologies for my thievery.) 

i'm really hard up for blog material right now and and AND, let's not forget that copying is the highest form of flattery.  we do it in the fashion world all the time!  let us all just agree here, so that i can sleep like a baby angel tonight.

on we go...

in rob's words, and i quote: "A lot of people have a bucket list. That is a list of things that they want to do before they die. I have an unbucket list. That is a list of things that I hope never happen to me before I die."   end quote

here's my list:
own a poodle or other small dog.  don't even try to flannelmouth me into getting one.  i have such a devoted hatred for the yapping.  and poodles? ugh, disgust.  pierce my septum.  makes my body do the freak out dance just thinking about it.   have a baby the regular way.  i'm a big fan of the c-section.  too much inform…