the sunday six: edition: for the love of christmas crafts

can you believe it is almost christmas?
how did it get here so fast?

well ready or not, it is upon us and i am determined to make christmas stuff this year.  i've pinned (and continue to pin) many ideas that i adore.  christmas is the one holiday i decorate for and if i keep collectingslashmaking decor, i'm gonna need a bigger barn.

(i don't actually have a barn because, well, sometimes life is cruel.)

i do have a habitat for humanity restore in town though, so with that one move life has redeemed itself from the blow about the barn.  why am i talking about the restore?  because that's where i go to find delicious scraps to make items like numero uno on our list today.

which reminds me:
remember when i used
to number this list
in foreign languages, in order
to gain more linguistic eloquence?
i keep forgetting to
do that.  i'll rectify that
just asair.  (which means,
just 'as soon as i remember'.)

wood scrap tree
this little tree has bewitched me body and soul.  just look at all those little hearts! it's such a charmer. and and and, it allows me to display my ornaments.  every year i saturate my real tree (which is of substantial size) and still have many (many) that don't make "the cut".  (i run out of room.) 
hello, solution! 
(and it may even allow me to justify my ornament-buying illness.)
when it comes to that, i'm not interested in an antidote... just more ways to display my collection.  if i were ariel, my entire cave would be filled with crafting supplies and christmas junk.

wouldn't you think i'm the girl, the girl who has everything?
porch trees
do not come between a country girl and her porch.
just don't.
isn't this darlin'? it's made with 'tomato cages'.  if you don't know what a 'tomato cage' is, you are not country enough.  
simple advent calendar
i love the idea of an advent calendar, but i've never made one because they're usually so involved.
this, though, i can do. the real challenge will be remembering to use it.   sure is pretty to look at it, ain't it.
handmade ornaments
faux ceramic animalia:
what's NOT to love here?  even if i don't hang these on my tree and all over my house, i could use them as gift toppers, especially for the wee folk.
and also all the grown folks. 
wouldn't one of these on your gift make you SO happy?!
glitter and paper:
two of my favorites.  make it christmas ornaments made with paper and glitter and i'm happier than a dog with two tails to wag!
beaded ornaments:
these delightfully tacky things have such a hold on me.  something about them really stokes my love furnace.  i have a feeling though that when i get started i won't know when enough is enough.  
because truly, is enough ever really enough with these?

it's christmas!
this sign... i love it so much it makes me heart hurt a little.  i need this... or something very much like it.  i'll have to experiment a bit because i'm not at all sure how to get this done.  do you guys have any ideas how to make this puppy? i love how the letters are suspended from a stick.  mph, such goodness.  even if i just paint the words on a wood plank, i will have these words in my house this year.
quote of the day:
Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun.
Kent Nerburn

to that i add... all things in due season
He has made everything beautiful in its time. 
//ephesians 3:11

happy sunday and happy crafting, my lovelies!


my unbucket list

i totally ganked this idea from rob shep.  (not sure if i should offer thanks for the great idea, or my apologies for my thievery.) 

i'm really hard up for blog material right now and and AND, let's not forget that copying is the highest form of flattery.  we do it in the fashion world all the time!  let us all just agree here, so that i can sleep like a baby angel tonight.

on we go...

in rob's words, and i quote: "A lot of people have a bucket list. That is a list of things that they want to do before they die. I have an unbucket list. That is a list of things that I hope never happen to me before I die."   end quote

here's my list:
  • own a poodle or other small dog.  don't even try to flannelmouth me into getting one.  i have such a devoted hatred for the yapping.  and poodles? ugh, disgust.
  •  pierce my septum.  makes my body do the freak out dance just thinking about it.  
  • have a baby the regular way.  i'm a big fan of the c-section.  too much information?  sorry. 
  • start an i.v.  (or perform any other invasive medical procedure)
  • live in a cold climate.  this one is unfortunate as i love the mountains.  like want to marry them love them.  but i will not be snowed in, or shovel snow, or shiver for 6 months.
it's portrayed all romantic-like and makes me swoon all over on my insides...

 but then i remember it's a package deal that comes with alot of this...
you can't have one without the other.

(who else just thought about married with children?)
  •  be in physical contact with a spider.  i am telling you,  i will slaughter myself to get free from it.   let's not even talk about tarantulas.  a spider with fangs!  i don't know what God was thinking...
  • be on trial for something
  • take up smoking
  • grow my nails out comme ├ža...
guinnes world record for longest nails
  • scuba dive.  kill me now.  i'll learn what's down there from The Books, thankyoukindly.
  • enter into an eating contest
  • look like this girl. i mean seriously, her bangs are so ridiculous.

 unconventional things i would like to do:
  • get in a fist fight. i know! that's so wrong.  i might oughtta just take up boxing so i can do it the "nice" way.  don't you ever think life would be easier if you could just open up a can?  on something that will defend itself, of course.  not like, a tree.  i mean come on, i don't want to lacerate my fists.  THAT WOULD NOT MAKE LIFE EASIER.
  •  be a unicorn or a narwhal. they're just the cutest.
what about you?  what's on your list?