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The Sunday Six : 14

like these, par exampla:
Belts look so great around long(ish) cardigans over dresses. If I could, I'd fill my closet with just that. Well that and jeans.
And boots.
And booties.
And leggings.
And probably some other stuff.

It is easily the best way I've seen to keep track of wish lists. You can add anything from any site (as opposed to having a wish list on all of your favorite sites, or the archaic method of putting pen to paper only to have that paper get lost under heaps and piles of other papers that you've penned important information upon).   I like what wishpot is cookin' up.

Pork chop, pork chop, greasy greasy,  making wish lists is now easy, easy.
I have no need for this, but I do have a strong want for this laundry bag.  Look at those ruffles!
I love tea cups and mugs.  Always have.  Since birth.  These are really stokin' my love fires right now.  There are 4 and they are all beautiful, every one!  They're not sold as a s…

B is for Bibliobibuli

bibliobibuli - the sort of people who read too much [bib--lee-oh-bib-you-lee]
I'm not sure there really is such a thing as people who read too much.  Too much of the wrong thing, maybe.  Sure.  But too much altogether?  Doubtful.

I'm not much for resolutions.  I'm more of a "give me rules and I'll break them" kind of girl.  But I think if I were to make a resolution in any direction, it would be this:

This year I resolve to cultivate myself into  and hone my skill as a bibliobibuli-type of girl.  
There are alot of good books out there, y'all.  ALOT! (You know this, man!) My list of books to readslashown is extensive.  Longer than both of my arms.  End-to-end, in case you were confused and thought I meant side-by-side.

Because no, that's not what I meant.

I totally meant end-to-end.

Anyway, as I was saying,

Here are a few titles I'm hoping to soon enjoy:
Life of Pi
Water for Elephants
Thin Places
Born on a Blue Day
Peace Like A River
Parenting is Your Hi…

The Sunday Six: 13

Edition: Things Worth Celebrating

It's coming and I love so much about it.  The lights, the ornaments, decorating the house, gift giving, family togetherness, gingerbread cookies, nippy air, the stockings, reindeer, the excitement, remembering God's goodness toward me... it's all good, good stuff.  Are you ready for it yet?  I am!

Every year I have to resist the urge to buy all new ornaments.



I'm so ready, if I could put up my tree this weekend without being laughed at by all my peers and relations, I would totally do it.   Don't put it past me.

Did you know that each of us (luck of luck!) have 364 unbirthdays every year? Three sixty-four! It's true!  If today is not your birthday, then it is your UNbirthday! A very merry unbirthday to you!   So get to celebratin'!  Build yourself a cake or something.

God's Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.  Very, very thankful…

A is for Absent (and also Amusing) (Ack!)

Absent.  That's me. 

An absentee blogger.

Whatever that means.

It just means I haven't been here.  Which is ironic if you think about it because I've spent a great deal of time here (in this chair) in front of here (this computer), only not here here, writing things to post on Ye Olde.  Mostly because my brain had no offerings.

Brain, You're fired!

Absent is not an obsolete word, it's true, but I needed to start somewhere and just get off of A already.  Already; another A word.  Another; another A word.  Now they're popping up all over the place.  (All! Arrghh!)

So there, post one of the A to Zs down.  I'll probably make up a fancy graphic when I figure out Photoshop again.  Who knows when that'll be.  If starting with A was any indication (Any), well we may be waiting awhile.  (Awhile!)

Now they flow like a river.  Well sure.

Hey though, while we're not on the topic let me tell y'all some of the things my kid…

The Sunday Six : 12

the fair.  I've been craving a fair corndog for a full week now.  I've never had one so can't say for certain that I do actually love them, but really, can this sort of thing be doubted?  Too bad though, because there's not even a prospective fair on my horizons.
 (Edited to add: Mama had the corndog.  Mama liiiiike.)

Generic names.  They are, to me, outrageously funny.  Take, par exampla, the Snuggie.  There is a knock-off, as if that were even necessary.  The original is so bad it should BE a generic.  The cousin is called the Fuzzie Wuzzie.  I even took a picture with my phone when I saw it in Big Lots, after I finished laughing heartily at it, but bennis I don't know how to get it from my phone to my computer...

Date nights.  We have had one two (or is it three) Fridays in a row now. 

This chocolate:
If we're friends on Facebook, well then you've already heard about it. It is certainly worth a 2nd mention, I dare say.  So there you are…

The Sunday Six : eleven - the one that was scheduled to post but then didn't.

Today is 10/10/10. What does that mean? Is it significant?  Should I make a wish?

October 9th.  It was yesterday.  It changed me forever.  I am now 31 years old.  Thirty-one feels so much older than thirty, but that's okay, because nothing could make me dislike October 9th.  It was also The Shiz's birthday!!  Happy Happy little Birdie!!  I love you more than ladies love the beard.  You are the best twin on the planet.  Final answer.

I know I've talked about it before, but I'm saying it again because I really do love Swagbucks.

I like developing my swagger.  So far, I've developed $30 in Amazon Gift Cards, resulting in two FREE books [shipping included]. That's the kind of swagger I'm playing with.  Word.

[Books of the parenting variety 
is what I purchased,  if you must know.  
I'm hoping these pages will increase my chances of passing more of my daily Pop Quizzes
with the children.]
[They'd better...  else I'm really gon' need to get my swag…

I like my poultry one of two ways. Cooked or Comical.


The Sunday Six : tien

tien : ten : Dutch
one [one pretty thing]  I go to this site every day.   It's what one does when one is addicted to making things and bookmarking ideas about making things.
two sweet tea. I love it.  I love sweet tea. 

three Speaking of sweet tea, have y'all seen Tavin Dillard  (of Joel Berry's Sweet Tea Films)?  Ya need to.   Click the link for a hearty samplin'.   If you like white trash, you will love Tavin.   He is precious, bless his heart.
four One of my favorite cuisines on the Earth is Thai.   It's even fun to say... and it looks cute, too.  
Because I know you're interested in everything we ingest here, I will tell you, I ordered the red goopity goop and Stretch had the brown goopity goop... and also some eggrolls and lemongrass + coconut milk soup (avec shrimp).  And we have leftovers!  It's like I've died and gone to Heaven, and Heaven is full of Thai goopity goop. 
Also, on an entirely unrelated note,  some friends offered to keep our kids for our l…