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there's alive. and there's Alive. i know which one i am.

last week (or maybe it was the week before... - doesn't matter, not important) i was running on the treadmill and this song came up on my playlist. something about that moment just felt like full on magic - and this whole thought came like a matrix download all at once right into my belly. as i ran, listening to the story of the lyrics, i felt so energized - my pace quickened and i ran my little heart out on that treadmill, completely buoyed by what God has done in my life. it was one of those moments where i felt i could've run through a wall and kept running forever!

I was born in a thunderstorm*
my parents were teenagers. she loved him, he didn't love her back. he wasn't there the day we arrived. twin girls.  he came back after a while and they were married. he was drug addicted, violent, abusive to her. she fled when we were 2yo, along with my baby brother, then less than 6mo old.  a brave move for a frightened girl. I grew up overnight
we lived in poverty, dependent…