the sunday six: stuff i'm lovin'


one of my favorite things is a consumer review, especially from someone i actually know.  i know i'm not alone in that, so that is the service i'm freely offering to you today.  

next time you have to pay. 

(no you don't.)

 i am giving you my personal reviews on various and sundry items, which is all basically two thumbs up because that's what the sunday six is all about anyway.  a whole list of a bunch o' crap that i love. all for the price of: nothing. no one is paying me to say nice stuff or even sending me samples.  

ingrates, that's what they are.

anyway, let's get this thing under way!

urban decay shadow primer
a long while back i'd tried this product and thought "meh". i didn't understand the cult following.  true to form, i was using it incorrectly.  now, NOW, i see. i once was blind... blahblah. go get this.  i live in south louisiana where the humidity is infinity times infinity til death. when i wear this, my eyeshadow lasts all day through BRUTAL heat and humidity.  my lungs almost fail me, but my shadow fails me not.  oh, and the "trick"? let the stuff dry completely before applying eye shadow.  that's all. kinda like with nail polish.  
things ain't nobody got time for:
1. that.

(no but seriously, let it dry.)

i'm still on the hunt for a really great face primer though, if anyone has any recommendations.  i've tried a few but haven't quite struck oil.  

garnier nutrisse anti-puff eye roller
this one is not so much a miracle product as #1 but i am a fan.  when i arise in the morning (as close to 9 as possible) to greet my cup of coffee with dragon breath, my eyes are puffy and dark.  this product does nothing for the dark circles. (that junk takes concealer.)  however, this does help de-puff the peepers. it does what it says it does, so i like that.

greek gods yogurt
this tastes like it really was made by yogurt gods.  zeus and aphrodite i bet.  it is fabulous. not at all acrid.  not at all tart.  smooth and creamy.  that's all you get.  
well smooth and creamy, and a big ol' craving for some more. that's what you get.

wedge pillow
for all you baby mamas out there, this is a back SAVER when your (my) belly starts to round out and cause you (me) problems with your (my) beloved sleep.  there comes a point in every pregnancy where my belly conspires with my spine to ruin me in the night.  this pillow is my blessed savior in the form of a stuffed, lavender cheese wedge. it is my bestie until delivery.  me and this wedge, we tight.  

buxom sculpted lash mascara
i particularly like this one, with the weirdly shaped wand. i sometimes struggle with doing things properly in the cosmetics world (see #1) but this comes with a tiny instruction manual.  read it and you'll know just exactly how to use that wand and have long, luscious lashes.  my only gripe is that the tube dried up faster than i'd like, but i'm still going to buy it again because it has out-performed every other brand i've tried.  it's nice and thick and it really does lengthen my lashes.  i'm a big fan.  

isn't progress such a lovely thing?
we're making way for baby, rearranging our very lives to make a place for him, and it feels good.  we're simplifying, subtracting "stuff" we've accumulated over the years and already i'm breathing easier and the white paint is not even on the walls yet (but that's coming!).  
my style has been folksy and "cluttered" and i have loved it for a long, long time (while danny has tolerated it). he's always let me do whatever i want in the house. he (is a smart man so he) does not interfere with decorating, and thank Heaven because God knows i couldn't tolerate THAT.  
if not for him though, all of the things that look so good in my mind that i'd like to do now might never see the light of day, and undoubtedly everything hung on the walls would be so much more crooked without him.  (y'all should see the holes behind the shelves i've hung over the years.)  what i'm saying is: my man can wield tools and the progress we're making is mostly to his credit. and progress? it's my new favorite thing.

+ + + + +

do you have anything that you just LOVE? (especially in terms of products that the rest of us could love right along with you?)
share share share, so we can all join the cult!  

and happy (day after) sunday to yous!


a boy baby

well it turns out this baby is indeed a boy baby.

wait, let me back up.

the morning after i wrote my last post, i woke up completely blindsided by my own feelings of disappointment. deep disappointment.  i cried. i cried not because i reallllly wanted a girl, but because i felt frustrated and confused, and i cried because i felt so sad.  i've never had a gender preference.  i guess leading off with a boy and then a girl erased any pressure that might arise from "needing" to have one or the other.

but you know how you can feel so certain about something, so sure that your assessment is right?

have you ever been there?

it can leave you feeling shipwrecked.

totally lost in your own mind.

where what you think you know about a situation (so cocksure) can cast doubt and make you question what moments before you knew to be true about God?

nothing could move me from my position that i knew that this baby would be a girl.  we've since had another ultrasound and this is definitely, most assuredly with evidence to prove it, a baby boy.  a month passed between the last two sonograms, and i needed that month.  i needed the time to make peace with the possibility that i was wrong.  i needed time to learn to love the idea of it being a boy, and to lick my wounds over being wrong.  do you know how many people i told that it was a girl and i just knew it? my pride was hurt.  my ego was limping. i needed that month to get over myself.

it's so funny because "theologically" i don't think God is the kind of person that tricks people, that He would take any pleasure in doing that and then watching me wrestle with the disappointment.  but sometimes what you walk through reveals what you really believe, and i guess it means there are shadowy corners of my heart that think, "well, maybe... maybe He would do that."  i have much to learn of the nature of God.  still.  i have much to correct to right my thoughts.  and situations like this are perfect proving ground.

i'm still not entirely sure what all of that meant but it is clear that i jumped to conclusions about what i knew God was doing and saying, and i know that Hell would like for me to believe that i do not, in fact, hear from God, that i do not, in fact, know His voice.  but i reject that. i'll have none of that. i will not allow Hell to (again) use my own lapse in judgment to paralyze me, preserving me here in this place, causing me to put roots down here... immobilizing me from moving forward, from growing out of this place.

i have purposed this year to get to know better who God is and who He is for me.  i will not allow Hell to take that from me because of my own false reading of a situation.  i am open to being wrong about that and then asking God in curiosity, "then what did all of that mean? what did i miss? i know You meant something by it.  what was it?"

and if i go into it and get wrong ideas again i know that He is gracious and kind enough to correct me until i can see the truth of what He meant by it all.

a small seed of doubt has killed my faith before. a small seed of doubt can do that.  but a small seed of faith can move this mountain, so i can embrace what it is that God is actually doing in this moment. i choose Him over my wrong idea of Him.  and i choose to embrace this sweet boy because of who he is. i will not reject him over my own wrong thinking. he deserves Love and he shall have it.

p.s.: eden is holding up just fine. i think she's adjusting, too. her only requirement is that i have another baby. i'm not opposed.