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more time, please.

a few months ago, all the kids needed new undies. (they'll love me for sharing that someday.) standing there looking at the character underwear, i ask noah which ones he wants. i could see he was standing back a little from the rack and when i asked he was like, "um, can i just get plain ones? i'm not really into the character ones anymore."  and just like that, at nine years old, he crossed over. 
no warning.  
no heads up so i could prepare my heart, and standing there in the aisle i felt the squeeze of the going away. 
it steals your breath. it does.
+ + + + + + +
this week, i walked into my room, to put myself to bed.  when i opened the door there was a box resting between my pillow and danny's.  

(there was also a little zipper pouch addressed to me, filled with dried rose petals.)
the box was addressed:
mom and dad, not mama and daddy
nothing could prepare me for what it contained.
i opened the box, and my heart lay inside. she put my heart in a box.