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what's really going on

i thought i might take some time today to let you all in on a lil' secret.   //my house does not look like my pinboards.//
it's true. it's true. 
 in the event that you started comparing your behind-the-scenes to my highlight reel, let me show rather than tell you what i mean.... 
my pinterest kitchen goes something like this:  my actual kitchen looks like this today:  i dare you to find the countertop. it's running over with crap that doesn't "live" there. drawers open, fruit and beverages strewn about all willy-nilly, leftovers from lunch, school books for myself and the kids, large appliances waiting for me to figure out where to put them....
on your right you will find juice and coffee stains (always), sinks overflowing like too much pudding in a too-small bowl, opened cookie packages from a moment of weakness last night (okay, and this morning), dish towels and store bags on the floor, and that ain't all.
a little further in and you'll f…