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the sunday six: edition: arts and entertainment, without the arts

//1  the hunger games  i hear the name katniss everdeen and i'm fighting off the urge to disappear into the book again, and apparently it's not just me, because i did a search this week for something i'd seen on pinterest but didn't have the good sense to pin.  it was a little saying that said something about that void you feel at the end of a book series or novel.  (if i could remember the words, i wouldn't have to re-find it on pinterist)(which i've been unsuccessful at, else it would be right here where these words are, in place of these words). 
so i typed in the words 'finished book series, void'.  the very first image i see is the cover of mockingjay, the 3rd book in this series.  i guess you could say this book is catching fire.  (hah!) which brings me to book two.
//2 catching fire  i know. i know these could all fit neatly into one category instead of each having their own place in the list, but they are three separate things, and like my childr…