the sunday six: edition: arts and entertainment, without the arts

//by suzanne collins
 i hear the name katniss everdeen and i'm fighting off the urge to disappear into the book again, and apparently it's not just me, because i did a search this week for something i'd seen on pinterest but didn't have the good sense to pin.  it was a little saying that said something about that void you feel at the end of a book series or novel.  (if i could remember the words, i wouldn't have to re-find it on pinterist)(which i've been unsuccessful at, else it would be right here where these words are, in place of these words). 

so i typed in the words 'finished book series, void'.  the very first image i see is the cover of mockingjay, the 3rd book in this series.  i guess you could say this book is catching fire.  (hah!)
which brings me to book two.

catching fire
//also by suzanne collins
 i know. i know these could all fit neatly into one category instead of each having their own place in the list, but they are three separate things, and like my children, my love for them is equal but different.

don't try to bust me on a technicality, 'cause i won't be havin' it.

not on my birthday.

i couldn't stop turning the pages if my house were been on fire.

and i would never exaggerate.  not here, not now, not in a million years.

//aw, you remember.
part three
at the last page, my heart broke into miniature fragments and blew away like dust in the wind. 
from loneliness.
because it was over.
  i read the series in 4 days.  i missed most of my favorite tv shows, my heart showing little to no interest in them, which is so weird for me because i do love my stories.  

wait, that might sound confusing.  in this context, i mean my nightly tv stories, not the novel series i'm telling you about right now. 

but now, we're gonna talk about tv stories.
startinggggg... now!

parks and rec
if you haven't seen park and recreation, you really should make an effort. 

 it's an island of glistening, brilliant happiness in a sea of bad, idiotic, moronic and stupid tv.

as is the office

they both play on thursdays, one after the other, (beginning at 7:30 in the p.m. on NBC) which i find highly convenient.

and also exciting.  very, very exciting. 

now, if you will, take a lil' listen to this song.  if it don't perk you up, there's probably not any hope for you.

oh, i kid.  
sort of.

andy bernard as the new boss

just when you think you couldn't love a fake guy more....

i've always loved the nard dog.  i look at his outfits every week and mentally shop, trying to memorize what he's wearing.  stretch has already agreed to wear those clothes if i will find them for him, so i'm a girl on the prowl. 

(it's not that the clothes are difficult to come by. i just ain't about to pay no j.crew prices for them... 'cause then he'd have to wear all those nice clothes for our tv debut on divorce court.)

no, i need to find them at more frugal prices, and i will.  oh you best be believin' i will.

but more than the clothes, i love andy because he is micheal scott.  maybe not a fair reason to love a guy, but it's the truth.  my heavy heart heaved a heavy sigh when micheal was leaving because i just knew i'd miss him something terrible.  turns out i'm okay without him though, because the writers have left us with his stunt double.... his stunt double who also sings, makes up jingles, wears cool clothes and plays obscure instruments.  and that just makes me really happy.

my birthday
 which happens to be today. (i'm 32.) i am a shameless supporter of my birthday. 
i love it. i milk it. shamelessly. 
it's probably why october is my favorite month, with the weather being a not-too-far-off second reason.  
but mostly it's because of my birthday.  
which is today.    

so in closing,
read the hunger games.
watch parks and rec and the office.
today is my birthday.
it would not make me sad if you decided to write me a haiku or something.

and that's all folks.
have yourself a merry little sunday!  i know i sure will! xoxo

declesious, out.