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The Sunday Six: Edition 27: Lookin' & Smellin' Pri Teeee

-1- eucerin calming cream ...because nobody like to be ashy, am ah right?!
Also.  Y'all.  I have the itchiest skin you ever did see.  I probably hold some kind of record.  I mean, sure, it's an unrecognized record, and a record nobody really wants anyway, so what good is that, but I tell you, that itching...  Mama got to get some relief and this "creme" gives my poor skin some easement. It's a skin lullaby is what it is.  -2- skin brightening scrub Takin' care of my largest organ. Got to treat her right! Not sure my face is actually any brighter because of it, but the exfoliating bead thingys feel real good.
So let's recap.  It feels real good.   -3- blackberry + vanilla body wash I don't know if it really is "positively nourishing" but I will tell you this, I positively want to eat my hands after my bath because they smell so freakin' delicious.  -4- vintage gray New favorite nail polish.  (Again.) Technically I have (2) favies but only (1) o…

F is for Frabjous

frabjous - great, wonderful, fabulous
If this product doesn't fit that description, then I just don't want to live here anymore.
Allow me to introduce to you, (unless you already know about it)(congratulations)(spelled with a t, never a d) the Ostrich Pillow Thingy (for napping at work).

Click here to read more about this awesome wonder... this most frabjous thing!
You're quite welcome, I am sure.
Also, while we're on the subject of Truly Awesome Things, I did handstand push ups this morning.  I am so boss.
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Maybe I'll Build Him a Cake or Something

At least once a day, (at the least) my Tiny lil' sweet angel baby says unto me,
Mama, you nice.
But sometimes you be mean.
But right now, you nice.
 And just out of nowhere he'll say, Mama, I like you.
Know how that makes me feel?
Our love is like a flock of doves, 
flying up to heaven above.  Always and forever. 
Always and forever.  Yes, our love is truly great. 
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The Sunday Six: Edition 26

The Hubs & I had us a date night Friday.  We went to see the new Pirates movie.  That Johnny Depp (or as I swear I heard Stretch call him, Johnny Depth)... he is somethin'.  Far as I can see, he is a saint, and can do no wrong.  Also, fair warning, I may have a real hard time restraining myself from overusing the word savvy.  Savvy?
-1-  lay baby lay I don't really need nursery inspiration these days. Not at all. Howevs, the folks at laybabylay are just flat good at the decorating, and what's really awesome sauce is that they link to all the things they throw together so if you fall face down into love, (you will) you can get the things you can't live and breathe without. They sho nice. -2- delicious It's not just an adjective anymore.  Nope, it's my 'nother new toy.   I've bookmarked more things than you (and me together) could shake a stick at.  Pinterest (lub dub lub dub) organizes all of my crafty links, while delicious (mmm, tasty) organizes all of …

The Sunday Six: Edition: Late Is Better Than Never

-1-  magical things And just like that, this outfit has magically revived two things.  Two very unlikely things.  (unlikelys?)(unlikelies?) Things I thought dead forevermore.
They are: (1)my love for white pants and (2) my love for button-down tops.
It's magic.  Kendi is a magician.  She is. -2- this dress So cheery!

oh, and this one, too.
-3- braids I'm a smidge obsessed.  From single or double-wrapping belts to sandals to hair!  If I can figure out a bunch of ways to braid my hair, y'all best be lookin' out.  (I don't know what for except maybe me, with braided hair).   See what I mean?
Dreamy sigh....
-4- fage greek yogurt (pronounced fah-yay)  Not all Greek yogurts are created equal. I know, because I've kissed a few frogs. This though, is like, the antithesis of kissing a frog.  It's like kissing something really awesome.  It is so good.  And you know what?! They have coupons on their site!  Get some and then GET SOME.

-5- operation beautiful I just found this, and it…

The Sunday Six: l'été

There are many things to love about the summertime, n'est pas?  [There are also many things not to love, but let's just romanticize it while we still can, before the sun rots our brains and turns them into soup.]
Let's begin!
-1- dresses These are some threads I could live in.   Add lipstick, sunglasses and cute shoes -- dressing is DONE, man.  These next (2) are both called the Sprightly Shirtdress.  Sprightly.  How quaint.  One of each please. -2- watermelon You're so wonderful I could kiss you! -3- sunshine Again with the kissing. muah muah muah! -4- tanned skin I hope to get me some this week.  'Cause look at me, I'm white and nerdy.  How'd I get so white and nerdy?  I'd like to be somewhere between where I am, and this:
-5- sweet tea + lemonade popsicles

The Sunday Six: Edition: Remember Me?

It has been a busy season you guys. Not gonna lie. That's my excuse reason for my absence.  Things will soon slow down though, which should increase my presence here.  And aren't you glad.  [That's a statement, not a question.] [See the period?]   Okay then,  moving on!
-1- my friends ...who are there to help when I become all Mrs. Nezbit.  I do have that tendency. -2- this prayer // breathe in the Lord Our Father, which art in heaven, heaven being the air around me... I breathe in the Lord (deep inhale), I exhale (deep exhale) worry, doubt and fear.  I breathe in the Lord, and I exhale resentment, self-protection and anger...
 This prayer has walked me through moments untold.  It's beautiful, and it's effective.  Who could ask for anything more? -3-
pinterest Have y'all seen this yet?  Oh sweet mercy, it is a veritable wormhole.  I get lost in it all the time.  If you love bookmarking things so that you have them for like, ever, this place may cause you to have a cor…