The Sunday Six: Edition: who-even-knows-anymore

whaaaat?! is this for real?

yes. yes it is.

it may be here today, gone tomorrow, but it is here today.

when dead things live again
happy resurrection sunday.

my new iPhone
i, of course, am tardy for the party.  as per The Usual. 

before i had one, i was all meh.  but then i got one and bam! it's my new boyfriend.  i lurve it hard.

the particular refreshment of sweet tea + lemonade
 arnold palmer would be proud.  

or maybe he would feel robbed that i stole his idea but didn't buy his product.  

getting my wordsmith email, 
particularly the A.Word.A.Day portion. here's a little gem i just learned:


1. A fancy dish; delicacy.
2. A trinket.

"I assume it's a gloriously handsome affair ... slices of homemade seed cake and other toothsome kickshaws." 

isn't that dandy? you'll be seeing that one again.

have y'all seen this?  probably so. 

it's new to me.  [see exhibit 2]

my friend, robyn, introduced me.  she knows about all the cool stuff.

if you haven't seen this and you are a fan of The Internet and finding cool things on it, you should look into stumbleupon.  you sign up, personalize it with your own interests and bam! it finds things you like for you.  it's like a personal web crawler, and it does all of this for freeeee.  

you guys
  no really, i do. i love you, man.

happy sunday, happy easter!


  1. Oh how I have been missing this with my needy little self.... Thank You!!!!
    and I'm so happy about no.2 as I can now send you pictures of corn dogs any time I want. <3 M.

  2. ok, so it was just you, Doug and me who were the last humans on earth who didn't have iPhones, and now it's just the man and me. Oh, well, when we have to start our compound (and notice I said "when" and not "if"), it'll just be Doug and me who make a smooth transition. It's gonna be tough for the rest of y'all, but I promise we'll be patient with y'all.

  3. could one, out on a limb of possibilities, say,
    "jodie's blog is the kickshaw of all blogs? it's
    good enough to eat!"

    my worship pastor who i ADORE asked me if i
    had an i phone. "are you kidding me? everyone
    i know who has one is married to it!" he was
    deflated at the power of my response. i do
    that to people.

    it may be your boyfriend now, but soon you will
    be having wee little phone-ettes. :)

    thank you again for the sunday lane shout out!

    ps. i am the only one from my family of seven
    who does not have an i phone. even my MOTHER
    has one. :)

  4. M.: you are a doll face and i adore you. :)

    holly: keep working on that compound... please be sure to stock something for our DTs. i'm gonna need the hard stuff.

    lea: one could indeed say that, if one were especially kind and generous. :)

    it's true, what you said... we are married to them. haha! at your babies comment. :) yes, that's probably accurate. it's a monster, it is.

    your mom sounds like a real firecracker. i see where you get it. :)

    you're welcome... i really like sunday's stuff, like alot, so it was no chore for me! :)


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