The Sunday Six: Edition: a few of my (for now) favorite things

//1 my half n' half
not all half n' half is created equal.
 indeed not.
this stuff comes for the cows that God talks about owning, the ones from the "thousand hills". 
it's probably been milked by baby angels.

also, it is a fact universally accepted that coffee tastes better from well-loved, ratty cups.
forever and ever, amen.
 //2 raw sugar
the actual product (like when you buy it in the stores) looks like this:
i don't bother with the packets, though. i'm a heavy user so i buy the 2lb. "bulk" box.  i can't be trifled with opening so many tedious little packets of not enough sugar when i need my coffee now
mine looks like this:
by the way, that is not the glint of the flash off of my shiny gold spoon (which, now that we're on the subject, is another of my favorite things); no, that glint is the approval of heaven.  it assures me that having so much sugar in my coffee is good for me because it is raw.

//3 method madness
 may i introduce you to my new friend? she smells really good, so good in fact that she makes me want to clean.  i am, by nature, a pig.  i can make a mess faster than a toddler, full-tantrum.  everywhere i go, i leave a trail. (and a trial) i am what is commonly known as "a messy".  it's because i'm creative, okay?  my right brain is fully developed (no it's not) and my left brain is gimpy.  

anyway, i've had this bottle for less than a week and it's already at the halfway mark. 
 (i've used more since i snapped this baby.)
in my book, that's half empty so i already done r-u-n-n-o-f-t to buy another one.

 //4 tape!
 i have resisted the whole washi tape craze.
it's been a hard fight, hard won, and only because i am cheap (cheap!) and cannot spend $9 on a roll of tape. that's almost ten dollars.  on a roll of tape. can't do it.
 this, though, is an answered prayer.  i can certainly afford 4 rolls for $4.  that's just good stewardship.  the only thing i can't decide on just yet is what color palette to go with.  i snapped this picture in target the other day, but they also have blue/purple, pink/red and yellow/something and some others.  i think this one is the winner though.  that teal...

honestly, i waited to make the color commitment because i needed to come home and check my craft closet to see which set would match my wrapping paper stash best.  you think i did that?  nope.  the jury's still out because i plum forgot until now that i meant to do that.

and look what i did there! ...number 4 on the list, 4 rolls of tape, four dollars!  and all by accident, too. 

//5 lavender + linen
 i wish i could somehow make this a scratch 'n sniff.  this stuff is not even worth describing, because my skills are far too paltry to do it justice.  you just have to smell it.  go to the store and sniff a box and tell me you can leave the store without it.

if you can, you are a stronger woman than i (me?).

and while i haven't seen it in stores, on their site it says they also have this scent in their line of laundry detergents. sign me up!

go smell it.

//6 making bracelets
here are a few i've done recently.  i get a little carried away and don't quite know when enough is enough.  my other arm is equally bedecked.  

a little fyi for the diy-ers: the bigger bracelet wrapped with tangerine, teal and lime was a natural wood color that didn't thrill me so i covered what was left of it with taupe nail polish. now it's something i'll actually wear. vie-oh-lee! (like scuttle says on The Little Mermaid)
similar techniques shown here and here and here

...and that is all, my lovelies!

happy sunday ~ y'all have a good one!


  1. "i can make a mess faster than a toddler, full tantrum."
    favorite line . . . and true of myself, too.

  2. does that half-n-half come from the 6-foot-monster-northern cows or the normal-size southern ones? This is vital info I need before committing.

    secondly, what is the purpose of the tape? I am in the dark on dat one.

    thirdly, we used to make those bracelets in elementary. We spent many an hour on that. I love that you are my current elementary school friend. Cuz I don't know where all the original ones are now, and I need some of that sometimes. But you way smarter than a fifth grader. I don't buy that gimpy-left brain nonsense.

  3. lea: i'm doing that thing where i make the peace sign and motion back and forth from my eyes to yours. :)

    holly: well played cow joke. nicely done! :) it tastes more "tender" than giant cows, which presumably (in my mind at least) are tough old gals.

    the purpose of the tape is both functional and fun... but mostly fun. i would use it to decorate packages and such as when i'm wrapping them.

    those bracelets do take some time, and i love BEING your elementary friend. :) and thank you for your affirmation - i like hearing that i'm "way smarter than a fifth grader", even if it's not true. :)


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