the sunday six: edition 46 (i went back and did the math)

can you believe it?
i should maybe oughta start thinking about something fun to do for the 50th, since it'll be my GOLDEN anniversary...

please, only monetary gifts.  make all checks payable to cash, and you can rest easy knowing i will very likely spend it all in one place.

probably ross. or maybe hobby lobby.

anyway, let's save that conversation for a later date.  it's a little early to start celebrating.  at my rate it may take 6-10 more weeks to even get there.


we've finally arrived to today's list! 
let's begin.

home schooling
this past week marked the end of our school year, so it may be an odd time to add home schooling to the list, (or maybe not) but this week was just one of those times that i could really see this thing.  granted, it is easier to feel the pleasure of it when i'm not in the trenches.

still, i am so thankful that i am able to be home and spend so much time with my littles, and with 3 years of it now under our belts, i finally feel comfortable doing it.  it's feeling more and more commodious.

that word has nothing to do with toilets,
as you may be presuming.

from the outset, we said we'd take it a year at a time and we have.  it seems though that the years are rolling together more seamlessly and i'm deciding long before june that we're doing it again in august. 

it is not always easy or pretty or fun or enjoyable,
but i can tell you in good faith that i do appreciate it in more ways than one.

i'm telling you, i cannot seem to get my fill of graham cooke this week.  i have listened to podcast after podcast and some more than once!  in my mind, he sounds like ricky gervais (which is a compliment) but the depths he speaks of...

i've had links to his teachings in my inbox for months and hadn't taken the time to listen.  i wish i'd made the time sooner.  i saw this video which kick started my interest again and now i'm like one of those youths with the ear buds in, all anti-social and like "don't talk to me, i'm busy".

what? i'm cornfused.
walking through the grocery store on the canned veggie aisle, my littlest one asked for some corn and i said, "okay, i'll get you some organic corn."

he looks over to the left side and says, "look! there's some gigantic corn right there!"

beauty stuff
i got me one o' these guys this week and man, i like dat. i don't know if it actually does any good, but it feels really nice so i like it just the same.
 asking followed by having
a few days back, i posted this picture on facebook with the caption:
i would like one of these. can i have one of these, please?

indeed, all these years i have "had not" because i had "asked not".
almost immediately, a friend posted driving directions to a spot very much like it not 5 miles from my home.  almost 9 years i've lived in this house and never knew about it!
 not identical, no, but striking enough to both stop my heart and make it race all at once? yes! absolutely.  today was not the last time i visit it.

this little project
it's just a little something i started on instagam,
"...gonna start being on purpose to look out for pretty things near me: up the street, around the corner, next town over... it's all fair game.  join me?"

take a photo, tag it #ilivenearprettythings. it's that easy.

just try not to get arrested for trespassing.  it takes some time for that sort of thing to get expunged.


have yo'self a happy sunday...
maybe find you a wooded lane to mosey down while listening to a bunch of graham cooke on your iPod.  i don't know.  that's what i would do.

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  1. i love graham cooke, too!

    how sweet is your story about "you have
    because you ask not?" it made me think
    that everything God makes, He shares
    with us. He was thinking of you when
    He made it, SOOO, "it's yours!!!!"

    i prefer abstract ot logical train of thought.

    so happy you finished your homeschool
    year with such great success. well done.

  2. who else do you love lea, because clearly you have exquisite taste and our palettes are so similar. :)

    i like your reasoning. :)

    thank you! it was a pretty good year. i'm already excited about next year so that is a very good sign.

  3. I was all giddy with excitement when you found your special spot so close to your house. Hidden treasures are the best! :) You are almost 50...and not a tad little itsy bitsy wrinkle on you. (i secretly hate thee!) I lie. I love you more than all of the words in the thesaurus could describe! (notice I didn't say more than the thesaurus itself, cuz that would just be plum nuts and physically impossible for my word-lovin' heart!) Good day.

  4. i love that little spot. i want to get a snowball and just go walk up and down it. :) wanna come?

    almost 50 and like sally o'malley i can still KICK! bam!

    that compliment is so, so good. pretty much my favorite.

    naturally not more than the thesaurus itself. that would be just ludicrous and really just not even believable. :)

  5. i did the math and it has been 25 weeks since you wrote
    a post. i adore your instagram pics on facebook but
    miss your WORDS.

    do i sound like your mother?



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