the sunday six: edition: simple pleasures

drinking from mason jars
mmmmm, so delicious. they just make everything taste better.

moccasins in the winter
for years i anticipated winter with horror, and not only for the temperature (because i hate being cold) but the other reason (which, come to think of it, is still about the temperature) was that my feet were always impractically shod.  i do love boots, i do, but they're not for every day, and flip flops or thin flats don't cut it in january. not even in south louisiana.  but this year, (this year has been good to me) the stars aligned in my favor and SHAZAM! from heaven! (in the form of The Goodwill) fell a pair of perfectly perfect, never worn moccasins!  warm and cheap.  my toes are so grateful.  so is my purse.
you may now congratulate me for killing two birds with one stone. i am the Goodwill Hunter.

friends who come alongside and say to me, either in word or deed:

"i will race with you. ...and we will reach the finish line together."
stitching paper
i find it very pleasing.  i think it's the texture.
my new desk
i shouldn't call it a desk though.  the word desk is so cheerless.  it should be called by its proper name: roll top secretary.
they see me rollin'.
they hatin'.

someday i'd like to show you a picture. heck, i'd like that day to be today, but i don't know how to get pictures from my camera into my computer.  it's an arduous process and i keep forgetting how to do it.  i still would though, someday, like you to see it.  she is a beautiful creature.

remember that thing i once said about this year being good to me?  this desk, which was bestowed upon me for the spectacular price of FREE, is just one more proof of that.  ever since i first learned of them, i have loved roll tops.  it was my destiny to have one.  i'd see them in stores on occasion and pet them and die from love.  they are so romantic.

sitting at my desk makes we want to put wax seals on all my outgoing mail -- which, come to think of it, should increase i think, if for no other reason than that of being more like Miss Eliza Bennett, writing letters by candlelight to my dear sister and mr. darcy.

do overs
looking back over my year, at all of my crappy execution of goals and such, i just want a do over.  more on that soon.  today though, i'm just grateful that there is such a thing: another chance to try again.

merry christmas to you and yours.  thanks for being here.
see you soon, when i will name my new year...

love to you all.
xoxo, jodie


ps: i'd like to pat myself on the back for (somehow) preemptively using one of the next season's top colors on my blog. see that tangerine tango?  you'll be seeing alot of it in the spring.

  i am ahead of the color curve and completely ignorant of how i did that.

cheers to pleasant accidents! 


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