the sunday six: edition: links

stay ahead of fashion curves without busting your wallet (and your man bustin' ya chops).

i liked this, and i thought i'd share it because most of you are writers, and maybe you've wrestled with this, too.

i'm gonna do this.  starting monday.
 i want to do this.  the food looks delicious, healthy and do-able.  for 10 smackers a month, you get a menu and a grocery list for each week.  ADD TO CART!

i made the chocolate almond one tonight.  next on the list, pumpkin spice.  
back up off me, international delight.  you can't touch this.

a nifty gifty
in honor of the season premier of parks and rec, which is less than two weeks away, here is a nifty printable gift that will bring you joy for days to come.  if you'll print it and play with it, that is.
i give you,
tom haverford.
you're welcome.  

and in case you're unfamiliar, that beaker at the top left corner is not poison.  (phew, right?) it's a "high-end kahlua-style liquer", called snake juice.  sold exclusively at the snakehole lounge.  just didn't want anybody to be alarmed and think it might be dangerous.

happy sunday, folks!


  1. Oh how I love links!! :) Anything with the word coffee in it and you have my heart and my empty coffee mug in your hands waiting to be filled up!! Mrs. Demuth's writing site is now on my favorites list!! I feel like its Christmas and you have just handed me lots of neat gifts! Thanks Lovely!!

  2. #2. honey, you have such great voice that if
    you were a singer, you would be beverly sills!

  3. I must Google this "40 bags in 40 days" thing! It sounds like a great way to declutter. Do you think it's possible to do "40 bags in 5 days"? ;)

  4. lea: you say the nicest things to me!

    rachel: haha! well that's a noble cause i suppose, but do you have a large supply of crack to get you through? if so, sure, it's possible. but you might also find yourself putting up lots of foil on your windows and peeking out of tiny holes you've cut in the foil to watch for the police and other such people who are probably watching you.

    and if you love it that much and get it done so expeditiously, feel free to come to my house next (as i haven't yet started and it's already day 4).

  5. tam:
    yeah, mary demuth... incredible. you will hang on her every word.

    christmas! ha! what a sweet picture you've drawn in my mind. :)


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