the sunday six: edition 40

what is up, yo?

if we're friends on facebook, you may have noticed that i'm researching and about to start the paleo diet.  this post does not, in any way, reflect that fact.  the diet hasn't started yet, sooooo maybe let's just look at this is my last hurrah.

also, remember that that thing i once said about "40 bags in 40 days"?  i may have said something about "doing this" and "starting monday".  that was fourteen days ago.  fourteen. and in fourteen days, i've filled one bag.  one.  i am nothing if not stupid-good at procrastinating.  

and if i know anything, it's that i probably haven't even begun to procrastinate yet, and it's a shame too, because my spice cabinet has never been happier.
if you're a local, have i got a treat for you.  (if you're not, come on down!  it'll be my treat!) this is a recent discovery thanks to my friend, serena, who is a TRUE friend.  what else would you call one who shares this kind of life-changer with you? i can't stop thinking about it.  

i was there thursday AND friday last week.  yes, two consecutive days.

am i sad about that?  

the chips and salsa, homemade.  
homemade chips, y'all.  melt in your mouth.  the chilaquiles will make you wish you had 2 or 3 stomachs.  (order a side of pico de gallo with your meal.  if you don't like pico, i'd rather not know about it.  let me continue to think of the world as a happy place, please and thank you.)

also, they serve free dessert, which brings me to my second point.

soft serve
mmm, soft serve.  i have a special affinity for free soft serve, which is exactly what maya's offers.  all i need to know now is when i can move in.  i'm ready to sign that contract. 

--if you are dieting, i do apologize for today's post.--

long shirts
i heart the long shirt trend and as long as i'm eating the type of fare featured in the number one and two spots, long shirts are my BFF of the fashion world.  

being loved to LIFE
i'm sure we've all heard and probably have even said, "i love her to death!" and i don't take issue with that, but i can tell you that i have been loved to death and loved to life, and they are not the same.  i am so grateful to and for my friends who love me to life.  may i always do the same.

and by goodwill, i don't mean "a kindly feeling of approval and support: benevolent interest or concern", although i don't hate that.

no, what i'm talking about here is goodwill industries, int'l.  y'all, it pays to check your local goodwill's calendar (and mark yours) for sales.  a couple times a month they have $2 sales on certain items (jeans, blazers, sweaters and sweatshirts, t-shirts) and once a month, all clothing $5.99 and under is $1.  you have to like digging, and you have to not mind sneezing, but whatever the cost, (dust bunnies in the nose, time spent rifling through rack after rack after rack) it is worth it.  
i love a bargain.  
i love well-made clothes.  
therefore, i love goodwill.
words that induce laughing
it's my two favorite things happening at one time!  
words.  and laughing.
it's a divine romance.
found on pinterest
this is your captain speaking. 
next stop is whenever.
just be, like, "stop".

happy sunday to yous!!  love you guyth.


  1. Okay so now I have a sudden urge for Mexican food! thank you for that!! I love you to life...i love love that!! And luvs u to life!! Diets...mmmmm. Anything with the word die in's just not for me...been there done that, don't want to push it. Although, I must get a handle here real soon on my horrible relationship with bread! It is my cryptonite!! We need to break up, like now!! I love Goodwill, except my children shreek with fear when we go...I'll have to buy them some muzzles...or sedatives. Does Goodwill sale that? LOL

  2. just be like "stop"...pahahahahaha!

    k, gotta go check da goodwill bc I need a 70s disco outfit. and what better place to find one, am I right?


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