the sunday six: edition 39

you thought i was late huh?
i'm not late.
it's still sunday.
so really, i'm just fashionably late.

fashionably late -
the refined art of being just late enough to give the impression that you are a busy, popular person that was held up with other business.

see that? refined art.  don't be mad wit' me.  i'm just sittin' over here honin' my skill of giving impressions of busyness.  i'm quite good at it.

now, without further delay...

screen doors
i wish all my doors could be screen doors.
well, not really, because it's impractical, but if i could, i'd have three.  one for each exterior door, and one somewhere in the interior.   there's nowhere where that works right now, but maybe someday.
lavender scented gain dryer sheets
mama said knock you out.
good runs
i ran a 5K this weekend. it sucked. it was not a good run.
neither was my one run this past week.
i hate it when that happens.
but what i love is the good runs.
it's why i keep tying my laces. chasing the elusive "good runs".
lately, it seems i'd have better luck trying to catch a whisper by the tail.

i used to search ebay.
no, let me start over.
i used to spend hours mercilessly beating the bushes of ebay, searching madly for the best cosmetic brushes.  i thought they needed to be made of badger hair. i don't know where i got this notion, but let me tell you, badgers were costly little suckers.

(update: i just checked ebay for the little gems and they are now reasonably priced. maybe there was a real good sale on badgers somewhere.  they used to be one of those items that you had to get over the minimum bid hump before they even took you (or your money) seriously.)

anyway, the brushes, i wanted them so badly.  more than inigo montoya wanted the six-fingered man!
i just couldn't figure a way to justify such an expense.

it was like trying to put a price on NOT being ugly.  such a struggle!

can i afford these brushes?
well i don't know, self.
the real question is, can you afford to NOT buy the brushes?

i never did buy those brushes.  not because i didn't think they were worth it.  i did.  (foolish, foolish girl.)  i didn't buy them because i didn't have anything of value i could sell, like an extra soul, to buy them.

you'll be glad to know i'm not as stupid as i used to be.  (feel free to congratulate me.  it was quite a feat.)  and you may also be glad to know i've found a much less costly alternative to badger hair.  well maybe you don't care, but i do.  and other people care.
(i'm lookin' at you, stretch.)

and ya'll listen, and listen good.  they're as smooth as a baby's bottom! badgers wish they were so velutinous.  

here's a lil' peek-a-loo at how they look:
if you wanna know how they feel, get your own.

this hair
 when i have the cash, it's all mine.

it's like she dipped the ends of her hair in a bowl filled with sunshine.
these words
each friend represents a world in us.
a world possibly not born, until they arrive.
anaïs nin

thanks for arriving, friends.

and thanks for reading.

happy sunday to you all, and to all a good night!


  1. As regards #1: As long as the interior screen door isn't the bathroom, you're probably gonna be okay.
    #3 - But you RAN 5K!!! That's awesome! When we get to heaven, let's do a 10K okay?
    #6 - LOVE the quote. LOVE. Lurve even....


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