the sunday six: edition 36

essie polish
i don't know her secret, but y'all, this is the best polish! i've used several what i would call high-end brands (i don't spend more than $8 on a bottle of polish, so you be the judge of how high my ends go), and this one is superior-ly superior.
it's my favorite brand. hands down. case closed. final answer.
and the colors!  you cannot choose just one, and by you, i mean i.   i can't.  i want all of these.   
midnight cami

i think this color would look especially good with a matte finish.
(essie carries a matte top coat.)
dive bar
master plan
i'm pretty sure 'master plan' would be just right for this next move.

bold polish
i hear bon qui qui in my head right now, giving me advice.
paint ya nails girl, have it your way right away, but don't get crazy.

yes, bon qui qui. the dude abides.

so here it is: (fun+brave, but not too crazy)
i'm'a do it, too.

good to go
another essie product.

i love this stuff.  it's a great top coat.  makes my polish last longer, and it dries fast enough for me to be out the do' in about 4 minutes.  

next up is this puppy,
 i'll let you know if it holds up to the 10-days no-chip hype. 

i used to really dislike girls.  it took me a long while to find some good ones, i guess.
my experience of girls has changed.
community, safety, gentle rebuke, quiet understanding, wailing wall, Jesus.
that's what my girls are to me.  

good boys for my boys to grow up with
there is a severe lack of good boys out there. i don't know if you're aware of this.  i am glad for the good boys in my boys' lives.  i am jack sparrow and those boys are my black pearl.  savvy?

" 'You are loved--deeply, truly, always.'
No matter how it may feel, you are seen through eyes of love. You are chosen, wanted, cherished right now and forever after.
No make-up. Messy hair. Messy life too.
It's all made beautiful by the One who loves you."
(those are the words of the sweet, sweet soul, //holley gerth)

love you guys.
happy sunday!


  1. I do love me some Bon Qui Qui!! Oh and...youz one of my girls too!! Glad you are more skipping missy! lol

  2. so essie is better than opi? I don't know if I can cheat on opi...that would be a life-changing event for me. I might need you to hold my hand...while you paint my nails. 'cuz I just couldn't do it.

    I used to dislike girls, too. That's why I only have like 3 friends. Girls scare me. I'm not clique-ish!!! I'm scared!!! God is forcing me to make friends anyway, dragging me by my hair sometimes. I can be pretty stubborn, you know.

    And I noticed that about boys, too, which is kinda why I'm relieved I have girls. But why did I wake up this morning thinking of a way to have a boy-child without actually carrying him in my body and laboring to produce him? or forking out $30k to get him? craziness I tell you. What is God DOING to me????

    He's so invasive and persistent, man....

  3. tammy: bon qui qui is a tower of wisdom. :) glad to be one of your girls. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)

    holly: yes, it is better than opi.i have a bottle of opi and essie is way better. yes, way.
    i love that you're cooperating with the whole making friends bit, 'cause my life would less rich without you.
    boys, you noticed that? i don't know what God is doing to you. i wish i could be more helpful. but i would be thrilled to bits if you have a mancub! i just know he'd be a good one to be friends with my boys!


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