nicknames are awesome

did i ever tell y'all my nicknames?  i don't recall ever doing such a thing, and i just thought tonight might be a good time.

my name is jodie, which you already know, and in knowing that, some of these will make some sense.  there are though, some that defy explanation, so don't go lookin' for any.

jotilde (the -de is silent)
jodacious declecious (sounds like duh-clee-see-us)
or you could even go with jodacious alone, or declecious alone, or even jodacious d.
also, there's jojo
jodie limoges (sounds like li-moe-jiz)

...and there you have it. 

do you have an awesome nickname?  please, please to be sharing!  i'd love to know.


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