The Sunday Six: Edition SALES

okay so this week is all about the SALES!  somehow looking at lower prices makes me feel better, even if i can't actually ADD TO CART if you know what i'm say'n.

the silk blythe blouse
i blame kendi for making me even LOOK at button down shirts.  dangit though, she makes them look so stylish!  and comfortable even!  and now i want them.
//j.crew [comes in navy and a pretty green, too]
on a completely unrelated note, if i ever have another daughter, i'd like to name her blythe.  i just have fallen right over the cliff in love with that name and i hope i get the chance to use it.  
i mean... i think i do.  
unless i definitely, definitely don't.  
and most of the time i really can't tell the difference.  
so, blythe.  blythe johanna.  in case you were wondering about the middle.

you probably weren't. (were you?)

the silk peplum blouse
do people say blouse (blouze) anymore? (holly, don't answer that.)
these post script pants
not since the early 90s have i really loved colored pants.  well, back then it was more jeans than pants.  my favorite pair belonged to a friend of mine so i borrowed them just as often as i could... which by my estimation was not nearly oft enough.  my covetousness was strong.  they were dark purple girbaud's (remember them?) and they felt like velvet i tell ya!  i found that pairing them with either a peach shirt or a teal shirt, both silk (not very much different than the blythe blouse above) made me feel the most beautiful. that outfit was a show stopper.  you know it was. i probably wouldn't wear a teal, silk blouse with these.
//anthropologie $40
peasant blouse
it's on sale which makes it cheapER, but it's still an unpeasant-like price, which i continue to find unpLeasant. pretty shirt though, don't ya think?
yo mama jokes
no no, seriously.  those are the best.
and look what i found!
this is like the yo mama joke in reverse.  it's called yo mama so extraordinary
no really, if you love me at all... my birthday is in october.

here's an excerpt:

yo mama so quirky, 
her random pluralization of 
brand names always makes me smile. 
next time you see her, tell her i said,
"go to best buys" and pick up a "sony's". 
she'll know what i'm talking about.

and another:

yo mama so traditional 
she thought tupac shakur
was a jewish holiday.
it was really cute.

maybe you noticed that i didn't add a quote this week.  i feel the yo mama stuff to be a more than sufficient stand-in.  that's some good stuff righ' dere.

my tiny puddin's birthday

this year, his spiderman suit and cleats have been his uniform.
reason #438 why he is awesome.

today he is four.  
 all day long he's 'shirsty' and when he's tired he always wants a cup of juice and his 'thomas', which is nothing more than a tattered fleece thomas the train blanket with mange.  his favorite way of loving it is plucking off the fuzz and rolling it around between his tiny fingers.  that blanket is his velveteen rabbit. 
nearly every night he climbs in our bed and curls up on my pillow.  i wouldn't kick him out for all the caftans in the world.
i silently rub his little head and he says, 'i love you, too', between sips from his cup.
he's so cute and cuddly he makes me think about having another one...  so cute he warps my mind and makes me think crazy things.

well, that's all folks.

delta bravo, OUT!


  1. Happy birthday sweet boy!! I love you :)

  2. Oh man, I love Yo Mama jokes too! Might have to get that book. :)

    I remember that velvet feel of the Girbauds! I had a bright orange pair of pedal-pushers (I almost can't type that without cracking up at my misfortune) that I wore with a garishly floral top and I thought it was top-notch. But the jeans, they were oh-so-soft.

    Happy birthday to Puddin! :)


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